I have been working on a particular project that I just know will change peoples lives, but it is taking its own time coming to fruition. It seems as though a day doesnt go by where I am not working on the details or behind the scenes information to bring this project to the masses.

I get very tired and frustrated at times because it seems as though I am working as hard as I can and the evidence of the projects success is minimal at best. I try to stay motivated and focused on the greater good this project will provide, but to be honest it does get difficult some days.

I want this undertaking to be so successful as I know the power that this can bring to the masses of people who have been looking for this very product. I thought it was important to share this dilemma with you all as I know many of you are going through your own set of challenges in the name of perseverance.

Even the most successful people get discouraged at times and it is perfectly acceptable to get down and troubled at your progress when it appears very slow. However, the hour when it seems the darkest is when you must find the will to continue for the greater good. I often use the story of the marble sculptor who struck his marble piece over fifty times until is finally broke in the right place.

Was it the fifty third or fourth hit that caused the marble to break or a combination of all the hits? That is hard to determine, but what is known is the sculptor understood that with each strike he was coming one step closer to his goal and that is the moral of this story. It is in the darkest hour when you must find whatever it is necessary to continue on with your goal in mind.

It is a proven fact that most folks quit when they are right at the brink of their success and you have worked to hard to give up now especially knowing that you are so close. Just remember that time is going to elapse regardless and you will be looking back at this day as a success story or a what if story.

I know how corny this old saying is, but it is also very true that good things do come to those who wait, so keep on chiseling away at your dreams of success.

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