My friend,

I did not want another day to pass without telling you directly how much you mean to me and what a difference you have made in my life.

I often get too wrapped up in being busy and letting that get in the way of telling those who matter to me the most that I appreciate their presence in my world!

Optimism Today, I can make a difference!

Each day you have the ability in your surroundings to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

You have made a huge difference in my life and today I wanted to let you know that first hand!

Success Everything in life is choice driven!

Every choice you make will have a clear result. Take heed and choose carefully to insure that you get the beneficial desired result.

By choosing to have you in my life; I have become a better person and I wanted you to know that you had something to do with this my friend.

Karma What you give out is exactly what you will receive back…

If pear trees can only produce pears, what fruitful thoughts and actions are you producing?

You have given me your time, help, and joy through our friendship I know your life will be blessed all the more as a result of this unselfish sacrifice you have made on my behalf.

Integrity Doing what is right even if nobody sees it!

Being a good person is not about doing the right thing because someone else is watching you, it is about always doing the right thing because YOU are watching.

You have done right by me in all the time I have known you and that is saying a lot in this world we live in my friend!!!

Integrity What you meditate on… You will attract…

This is one of the most awesome great mysteries of life What you are focusing on will be brought into existence, so think thoughts of goodness in all that you do.

I make it a point to meditate on all the good life has to offer and to only attract good people in my life and you are the result of that positive focus.

Application You are created with all the things you will ever need to excel in life!

All the ingredients for a truly awesome life are already inside of you.

I stand with you today believing that all of your dreams and desires will indeed come true and I plan on being there to witness them and to celebrate with you!

Simple Math Twice the amount of fear still does not equal one Try!

Fear + Fear < Try (6+5+1+18) + (6+5+1+18) < 20+18+25 30 + 30 < 63 60 < 63

Give each letter of the alphabet a number (a=1, b=2) and you will see that even if you double the amount of fear you still have a better chance of succeeding with just one try, so make the attempt!!!!

Fear not, knowing that you were placed in my life for a purpose I will strive each and everyday to be worthy of the choice you made in letting me share your existence and to call you my friend. One Love…

This is truly powerful and guaranteed to make a difference in whoever you send it to, so let’s validate one another through the power of positive words straight from the heart.

You do not have to send it to receive your blessing because if you are reading this right now; someone already considers you a true friend and that is a blessing itself…

Positive Thoughts for Positive People...where words become reality!!!