A Purpose Driven Life

Is a must for your total happiness

A purpose driven life is paramount for charting your ultimate destiny towards bliss and happiness.

Our brains are still the most sophisticated computer known to man and we still have not fully tapped its total power yet.

At the same time our brain has this knack for holding us hostage to our constant thoughts.

When these thoughts are not desirable, this can make life miserable. Just think about the never ending inner noise you have to contend with day in and day out.

Now image that noise being anything other than productive in your life. It can make the simplest of tasks much more difficult to handle.

This is the one reason why you must give your brain something to focus on such as a purpose driven life.

We all have witnessed an idle mind, one that is not fully engaged and the mischievousness it can cause. Your mind is no different, if you do not put it to good use.

This is why we tell our children to be mindful of whom they hang around and call friend.

These influences can cause their minds to shift and not for the better due to some choices that they make.

When you have a purpose driven life, you give your mind something worthwhile to hold on to for your betterment.

My bride and I have committed to having a purpose driven life for our marriage, our jobs and naturally for our two sons.

We have spent many hours going over what each of us needs in our relationship to truly recognize it as a success per our definitions.

If we discover that there are some impasses we make sure to discuss the matter and not to dwell on them as this position will only lead to additional problems.

The information that is gained and shared through this type of communication is priceless and keeps both of us fully locked on a purpose driven life in our awesome marriage.

If you feel you cannot be totally honest with the person you share your bed with, then something is truly wrong and you have bigger issues to contend with my friend.

Our marriage success comes from making our “couples” time just as important as any soccer game or dance recital we must attend for our children.

After all we can never forget how the children arrived here in the first place.

Just look at the statistical data that speaks to how much the divorce rate increases after the last child leaves the home for good.

This is not hard to diagnose when you think about how many couples get so wrapped up in the business of raising the children.

Then the empty nest syndrome kicks in and they look at one another and simply do not know who that person across from them is anymore.

If you keep your love flame scheduled in just like all the other "to do lists items" you have; you can rest assured that this will never be a song you will have to sing.

Our jobs were perfect examples for our sons to realize what a purpose driven life look like in an occupational sense.

We felt it was vital that we show our sons firsthand by choosing the correct jobs that spoke to the life purpose we both knew we were created to live.

We understood that the best teacher to show them that they can indeed be all they dream to be is to show them by our examples.

You cannot positively inspire them to be all that they can be in their occupational life if you are unhappy with your job situation.

Your advice must be powerful enough to live by first then you will never have to be concerned with hypocrisy when it comes to your child’s job choice.

We began the preparation for our sons college attendance long before either one of them could as much as walk.

We knew the day would come sooner than later, so we had to make sure that it could indeed take place.

All academic situations from projects to award ceremonies would find us there and at the ready to show our unwavering support.

Our children have benefited from our firsthand involvements in their studies, which show the importance of our assistance in their future.

We also made all past mistakes and mishaps public knowledge for them to learn that we are not perfect and those mistakes do not mean the end of the world.

As a result they are much more aware of what life it truly all about and how not to take it too seriously.

Living by example we have continued our commitment to have a purpose driven life for our marriage, our jobs and for our two sons.

You now have the ability and knowledge to do the very same thing in your life.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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