Abundance and Prosperity

Involves a whole lot more than money

When you mention the words abundance and prosperity most folk will automatically gravitate to money and the items that people associate with wealth, in a material sense.

This is truly an unfortunate conditioning that society has embedded in our subconscious.

This programming only speaks to a small facet of these misunderstood words. I hope to enlighten you in a much greater sense of how these words can really speak to your life and desires.

Abundance in a simple definition is an excessive amount, fullness or overflowing; an extremely plentiful over sufficient quantity or supply of something.

Prosperity in a simple definition is an advance or gain in anything great; the attainment of the object of one’s desire, good fortune or success.

Now that we have established our definitions, let us go into this topic to see all the hidden blessings that abundance and prosperity really speak to in ones existence.

We briefly discussed the societal emphasis that always seems to be placed on money and the obtainment of a key level in order to be seen as successful.

The flip of this fallacy is that if your health, be it spiritual, emotional or physical is not up to 100%, then your abundance and prosperity might not be where you believe it should be to qualify for your level of comfort.

The spirit is really the one place that you will find your true blue print for life.

Deep inside the center of your being you already know how much wealth you will require to be happy and that amount doesn’t have anything to do with society’s measure of success.

The greatest joy is the true fulfillment of self and arriving at the apex of understanding on why you were created and what you are meant to do in this life time.

This epiphany will bring about a peace that truly surpasses all understanding.

I remember watching the music channel one day and they were interviewing a harmonica player, who was not famous by tinsel town’s standards, but he said something that has resonated with me and I strive to live this in my everyday life.

He stated that his life was such a blessing because he was allowed to do something he loved to do every day as his profession.

What on earth could be better than that? Now he was not a musical “star” on the same level as some of these big “one named artists”, but he was humbled and understood the blessing he was afforded in being able to play his harmonica for a living.

I saw the abundance and prosperity over his life clearly in that interview. It had nothing to do with his pay check or the amount of money he was making.

I am amazed everyday about how emotionally confused many people are. Most do not have a clue how to stabilize themselves nor their lives.

I encounter people, who spend all of their awakening time trying to create an outside appearance that never seems to match up with the inside truth of who they really want to be.

I am speechless at those who are always adorning their exteriors in such a way hoping to fish a complement out of someone in passing.

I know many people who have so many artificial pieces on their person that you wonder who they really are underneath all those fake items. When you quantify the costs of these additions and alterations to one’s self the amount can be staggering.

The emotional need for attention or to have someone appreciate you can be overwhelming at times. All humans seek love from other humans, but the lengths that many will go through trying to attract this love shows a truly disconnected emotional state.

Combine this present confusion with all the images society throws at us concerning the way to gain love by altering your outside/inside. Is there a wonder why so many have to seek professional help?

To thy own self be true. If you are really comfortable in your own skin, love of self will translate to energy that all can see and truly appreciate, especially a potential mate or friend.

Look at the relationship break up rate and you will see that something is not going right in these companionships and I believe it has all to do with unfulfilled individuals.

You cannot expect anyone to love you if you do not love yourself.

If you are doing things to your body, inside or out, that conflict with your true essence, you are living a lie, plain and simple. This lie will consume you like a sink hole leaving you unhappy and miserable over time.

Honor the person inside and let the world see you for who you truly were created to be.

I know that you can only attract what you give out, so if you are honoring yourself through love and respect then this is the type of individual you will attract in your life.

This attraction will create the abundance and prosperity of happiness and companionship that we all desire in our lives.

The emotional stability that comes with truly knowing yourself and loving yourself is a priceless commodity that all desire, but few actually possess.

I know plenty of individuals who are wealthy beyond measure, but their unhealthy lifestyles have left their financial state in a constant diminishing return or a revolving door of depletion.

We often forget to add up our financial blessings when it comes to being in good health.

Ask anyone who spends a couple of weeks in the doctor’s office every month and they can quickly quote to you just how much wealth your good health has afforded you.

This is critical to remember the next time you start complaining about being broke or not having enough money.

He who possesses good health is indeed wealthier than most when it comes to manifesting abundance and prosperity.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

The old adage “the grass is always greener on the other side” still applies. When it comes to the matters of abundance and prosperity, it is very true for so many different applications.

If you knew what some people were doing to achieve what they have, you might be very shocked and possibly even mortified in some cases.

When you find people that are healthy in all matters of their lives including their spiritual, emotional and physical bodies you will have individuals that have obtained and accumulated an over flowing amount of plentiful abundance and prosperity.

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