When you do more listening than talking

How do you define communication?

Sometimes all a person really wants is a sounding board to listen!

If afforded the ability to vocalize their point you will find a person is normally capable of coming to the correct conclusion on their own.

The comfort that is found in "sounding off" and truly being heard has a remarkable ability to offer the speaker all the necessary information to get to the idea solution.

The energy transmitted through listening is even more powerful than any words of encouragement or resolution could ever provide.

Some people do not understand what conversation is all about. They may talk constantly, without giving the other person a chance to say anything.

Others may simply wait for their chance to talk, without paying much attention to what their friend or family member is saying.

Stellar conversation has much to do with listening. Instead of merely waiting for your turn to speak, listening means you truly care what the other person is saying.

You are letting your friend know that what he thinks and feels, and the viewpoints which he is expressing, is important to you.

When you do this, you are showing your friend that he as a person is valuable and worthwhile.

You may have heard that communication is a two-way street. It is a positive means of interaction between two or more persons.

Good verbal skills can help to form and establish new friendships, and solidify friendships which already exist.

It can make your relationships with everyone more fulfilling and more pleasant.

Everyone from your family members to new people in your life will know that their place in your life is important to you when you make good conversation an everyday part of your world.

As you can see, verbal skill benefits both yourself and the person with whom you are communicating.

It is much more than just the exchanging of words, it is helping your relationships to become stronger.

Every person needs to know that what he thinks and feels is relevant.

When you do more listening than talking, you are providing this wonderful impact to your friend or your family member.

Not only is the gift of listening very positive, it contains the added bonus of knowing that he or she is cared about in a very important way.

The gift of true verbal skill is not difficult to learn. In fact, you may be quite skilled in the art of conversation without realizing it.

When you decide to make listening more a part of your communication skills, you will be giving both yourself and other people a wonderful gift that will enhance all of your relationships.

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