Daily Affirmations

Your creative words to the world at large

Daily affirmations are needed for more reasons than you could possibly comprehend to get to that rare place that few people ever achieve in their lifetime.

We forget that we have many more areas, within our body’s, that require feeding to insure the full successes in this experience that we call life.

No one in their right mind would dare to try and realize all the infinite details that make up their life in one sitting for fear of a mental overload of the mind.

In this same vain you must realize that the nature of keeping yourself engaged and traveling on the right path must be handled in small daily intervals.

Most of the situations in your life that are near and dear to you were not obtained nor realized in an overnight sense. It took many weeks, sometimes even years to arrive at the place that you call your existence in the “now”.

Just like the time it takes for a tree to sprout from a seed, many of the precious things in life do take time.

Along with the time needed to mature and come to fruition it takes other key elements combined with proper cultivation to come to that place of comfort called success.

Affirmations play a vital role in getting you to the success that you have always desired and dreamed about for your life. If you neglect and ignore these crucial life nutrients you will only delay and potentially derail your success in the long run.

I feel confident and quite sure of myself when I make this claim because life and all its distractions will do everything in its power to combat your ability, reason, and drive to swim upstream towards your success goals.

The only way you can stay strong, vigilant, and charged for the journey is by utilizing the sustenance found within the daily affirmations you choose.

I like to refer to them as my protein statements that fuel my mind, soul, and spirit to build the muscles needed to flex my body for success.

Think back to the last time you were really physically hungry in the starving sense and all the different motions your body went through trying to get fed.

These same symptoms are exuded when you do not feed your own subconscious the necessary food it requires through daily affirmations.

Take notice and pay attention to what you say to yourself throughout the course of any given day and you will hear the daily affirmations that are being used to guide you.

If you are not at the place of your desired success, in any part of your life, you are clearly lacking the necessary daily affirmations that will get you there.

This simple realization of your major disconnect is priceless because it has now been brought to your attention and it affords you the ability to make the necessary adjustment, which will ensure your direction towards success in your goals.

The daily affirmations you choose should be statements that bring a charge to your soul when you recite them aloud.

They should be words that are joined in such a manner that they cause you to want to do whatever it takes to achieve your desires and dreams.

These affirmations should wrap you up in a comfort of knowing beyond a shadow of any doubt that you have the necessary gifts, abilities, and talents to stand at the apex of your birth right to success.

You should feel an unmovable urge to go and work another component of your plan to obtain that dream or desire every time your affirmation is repeated.

These daily intakes of “soul food” should become part of your conscious and as easy to remember as your favorite song.

The ingraining of these affirmations to your psyche will be vital as you find yourself wanting to wane from the executions, tasks, and grind stone, which is a natural progression to anything that is hard and worth working for and working towards.

The ability to recall your affirmations quickly will be critical and work as a boost to staying the course and never settle or give up.

The delays found in building something great can stop many in their tracks especially without a few affirmations handy to keep them motivated and staying in the game.

I have often heard the saying that many decide to give up just at the moment when their blessing was ready to drop. This often leaves them forever singing the song of “what if”.

You now have the means through your daily affirmations to insure that this will never become your favorite song.

Continue to recite your list of affirmations on positive thinking to keep you on your road to success.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

Lists of Affirmations: Positive - Powerful - Prosperity

Daily Affirmation
Your daily affirmation can change everything in your life for the better. If you are feeling blue you can turn this down feeling around by healing yourself with an affirmation.

Each day tell yourself you are wonderful and unique. You matter to this world. Try this exercise and you will start to feel better.

List of Affirmations
You should ideally have a list of affirmations handy for any and all things you are believing for in your own life.

History has proven this fact over and over again that any mile stone worth achieving needs to be laced with a powerful “battle cry” and this is what your list of affirmations will provide.

Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations - I know that in these pressing economic times everyone is looking for a way to keep their finances stable.

The struggles that many are suffering at the hands of lack can be staggering at times. I am here to let you know that it does not have to be this way for you anymore!

Powerful Affirmations
Powerful affirmations are those that are extreme success stories. A person may have been at their lowest in life and turned it around due to a new change in attitude. Something extraordinary may have happened in one’s life as well.

Prosperity Affirmations
You want to be successful. Prosperity affirmations can help you in this achievement.

When you think positively regarding making money, you can do it. Of course you will have to work hard and take the necessary actions and steps because thinking alone will not do the trick.

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