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With desire, the manifestation starts with the preparation for the arrival of whatever you are believing creation for.

To truly operate in the essence of desire you must think, act, and conduct yourself as though whatever you are believing for has already come to pass.

Only when you master these actions will the thing you are believing for show itself strong and present in your life.

Have you ever desired something, and were disappointed when you did not get it?

You may have wanted it very much, and was not able to understand why it did not turn out the way you had hoped.

Quite often, one of the main reasons why a person does not get what he has been dreaming of is simply that he is not prepared to receive it.

What does it mean to prepare yourself for something?

All it really means is that you have put yourself in the frame of mind of knowing that you will indeed receive it.

While this is not difficult at all, there is one very important point which you must keep in mind.

In order to prepare yourself for the arrival of something in your life, it is necessary for you to acknowledge something much more significant than your want for it. You need to acknowledge, and to fully believe, that you yourself are worthy of it.

Many people miss this all-important step, and later wonder why they did not receive what they wanted.

They do not feel that they truly deserve good things, and this stands in the way of receiving the good things.

Fortunately, this does not need to happen to you, because you know what the key is to receiving all your heart's dreams.

You can receive an abundance of good things in your life.

Whether that which you desire is something which requires some work on your part be it a change in something in your life, or a small miracle disguised as a coincidence; realizing and acknowledging that you deserve to have it is an essential part of receiving.

All good things can come to you when you are prepared to receive them. All of the blessings and positive gifts which you want can become a part of your life.

You can take the very first step by acknowledging that you do deserve to have them. You will then be prepared to receive all of the wonderful experiences that you are looking forward to in your life.

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Appearance: Application - Communication – Discovery –Education - Integrity – Intelligence

Appearance - I want to encourage everyone, of all ages, to trust that you are beautiful and perfect just as you are. You are wonderfully and uniquely made unlike anyone else is this world.

Application is about taking action. Knowledge is truly exemplified when you can assist others to grow in their development. There is an old saying that what you do for another the world is bound to do for you.

How do you define communication? Sometimes all a person really wants is a sounding board to listen! If afforded the ability to vocalize their point you will find a person is normally capable of coming to the correct conclusion on their own.

Discovery is knowing that you already have all that you need on the inside. You have been given your own exclusive and unique abilities to accomplish anything you can dream of in your life. Many folks waste countless time focusing on someone else's abilities without stopping to realize their own.

I will put my knowledge into action. Education means knowing that the knowledge I possess has been bestowed upon me to carry out a specific purpose in my life.

Integrity - Being a good person is not about doing the right thing because someone else is watching you, it is about always doing the right thing because YOU are watching.

Intelligence is a great thing, but it can only work as well as it should when it is correctly applied. A person can have a very high I.Q., read many books and acquire a wealth of knowledge, but he will only reach his highest potential if he applies a "can do" attitude on a consistent basis.

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Positive Inspiration - Desire

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