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Diet motivation is something you often hear people discussing, but what makes it so difficult to fully grasp and utilize? Let us look at some definitions before we jump into the topic at full throttle.

A diet is defined simple as a structured way of sparingly consuming food and drink to reduce one’s weight and size.

Motivation is defined as any incentive or driving force that causes one to act or behave a certain way.

So the summation would be that diet motivation is just some type of force be it internal or external that causes you to want to consume less food and drink there by reducing your weight and size.

This, while simple as it may sound, has a lot of factors that play a part in your present weight or dilemma.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that these situations that you suffer from are not the types that require you to seek some professional help.

If you however, find at the end of this article that you cannot seem to get your motor running then you may require the assistance of a certified professional.

You should seek one out immediately for your health is too important to continue to ignore.

There are many excuses we provide to justify why we will not implement our own diet motivation and just back away from the table a little more to reach a goal that we claim we so desperately want to achieve.

The quick and fast answer to this is that only until you are truly ready to make that change will you begin to take the necessary steps to reach your goals.

It may be that you just are not offended enough with what you see in the mirror everyday to make the changes in your behaviors.

Until you take that necessary step to stop and thoroughly look at yourself in the mirror and see the changes needing to take place you will always remain in denial.

Most people do not have a clear enough goal of what they truly want to look like to remotely begin the journey.

Then there is that unfortunately majority they will wait until the bad news comes from their physician, which warrants that you must change your eating habits or else type of verdict.

This is the last extreme motivation that you do not want to have to use as the means to get you to make the changes necessary for your longevity and well being.

You must first become sick and tired of being sick and tired of how you look to really kick your diet motivation into its proper gear.

This being feed up with self needs to happen before the doctor says so in order to really make this a commitment for self and not a mandate given by another that you must follow.

Many try to use past looks or periods in their life to spark their diet motivations and this is truly a design for failure mentality because life is about going forward not looking backwards.

You cannot expect success when you look back at the photos of who you were before you had your three kids. The high school or college reference photos are just as bad and ineffective once you have entered into adulthood.

These periods of past references are unproductive due to your body structure physiologically being different than it is now, which is just another way of setting yourself up for failure.

You should be trying to find the “present day you” to improve upon. I will give you some suggestions on ways to motivate yourself towards where you are now and not the former you of the past.

Go to the store and find that one outfit that you have been longing to be able to wear. Purchase the garment and place it somewhere that makes it a focal point of vision at your home.

Create a photo to carry with you to reference when you are out and about town or at work if that is the case.

Surround yourself with these images wherever possible.

If there is a place you would like to attend or visit to show off the new and improved you; purchase the ticket and follow the same philosophy with the photos and reminders throughout the course of the day.

Find a dear friend who you trust, that can hold you accountable to your goals and ask them to be your diet motivation buddy.

Tell all the people, whom you care about, who can also motivate you what you are doing and create a circle of accountability partners if you will.

Your diet motivation has to be about a total commitment.

Plan your meals well in advance to insure that you are never caught off guard and have to make a poor eating habit choice.

Keep healthy snacks near you or with you at all times, which will also aid in safe guarding your choices while on your journey.

Eating every 2-3 hours will keep the cravings and binges at bay as they try to surface and cause you to faultier as you create your new eating habits for the better.

Eating small frequent meals will also ensure that your body will stay full as you cut back on the amount of calories you are ingesting throughout the day.

A quick rule of thumb is to cup your hands together to mimic a bowl and to never consume more food than this at any one sitting.

Cut out all those liquids that are full of sugar and artificial ingredients and consume more water throughout the day.

Remember that artificial processed sugar and white flour products are your body’s most deadly enemies in staying healthy.

You can research all the types of foods you should consume and make a note that the lower they are on the glycemic index the better they are for you.

Now you have the empowerment and pertinent information necessary to take that all important next step to become the person you have always dreamed of being once and for all.

I would like to leave you with this; your diet motivation and dietary plans will only succeed when it becomes a life style change and not just a temporary fix in your world.

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