Dressing for Success

When the outward and inner person match

We have all heard this term dressing for success, but most of us really do not understand what it means in terms of getting that ultimate dream job or promotion.

I remember my father speaking to me about this when I was younger.

I simplified it to mean that it was just a matter of wearing a suit or a shirt and tie to a job interview or on the job once I landed the position.

I found out in later years the selected attire was only part of the equation, but it goes much deeper than that.

This dressing for success term really speaks to several branches of your being when it comes to getting that ultimate job you have always dreamed of obtaining.

I like to look at this dressing for success persona in three separate, but equal phases if you will.

The break down goes as follows: the dream, the plan, and finally the fulfillment of that desired occupation.

The dream- This is the obvious starting point that must begin with a long hard look at what it is you truly desire to be in this life.

I often refer to this as your creative life purpose.

I believe we all have “something or some things” we were created to fulfill in our existence on this planet.

Once you fully understand what that is you can begin to lay out a true plan of attack to assist you in every step of the way toward fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

This eureka moment will give you a means to begin your execution plan of what a “fill in the blank” person dresses like in their particular occupation.

I believe in using parables and examples to help clarify all my points.

I will be the subject of the dressing for success example as I believe this will help take all the doubt out of understanding the importance of dressing appropriately for the success that you desire to achieve in your life.

I have always wanted to be a creative visual artist which could encompass painting, drawing, sculpting, designed and building different types of creations out of a variety of materials and mediums.

The plan - How the heck does a creative artist dress for success you ask? I work a weekly 9 – 5 job during the day and once I get home I change into one of my pieces of apparel that I designed.

This new wardrobe change becomes my “off the first job” attire the entire time I am not at my 9- 5 day job.

This outward act shows that when I am going about my activities, on my own time, I am dressing for success and that outward appearance now reflects how I truly feel on the inside.

When onlookers ask me about my designs or quotes I hand them a business card that allows them to go check out all of my designs and apparel for themselves.

This compromise is by no means a cop out, because many of you are in the same position as I am.

You need to work your first job until your dream job is fulfilled or obtained.

I know many actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs alike who had to multi task with other types of occupations while pursuing their dream jobs.

I encourage each of you to surround yourself with that creative life purpose until it is fulfilled through pictures, items, photos, apparel, photographs, posters, quotes, or whatever it takes to keep you moving forward and motivated towards your goal.

Find someone near you in your community that is operating in the very same creative life purpose that you desire for yourself and ask them if they would be open to mentoring you on your quest. This is how serious you have to be about your creative life purpose.

The fulfillment- This is the final destination that dressing for success will manifest in your life if you stay fast to the course and continue to work hard towards you success.

You must develop a resilience or flexibility that clearly states that you will not stop until you have achieved your creative life’s purpose.

Dressing for success is simple when you understand the components of the dream, the plan, and finally the fulfillment of that desired occupation or creative life’s purpose.

When you dress the part you will begin to act the part and then others will soon see you operating in that desired part of your own success.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Photos courtesy of artist Anthony K. Wilson, Sr.

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