Human Motivation

Your internal clock that makes you tick

Human motivation is a very in depth subject because it will render different scenarios for each and every person.

I like to use the clock analogy because it really is about your individual motivation that helps you to keep time with your creative life’s purpose.

Your motivation deals with all the aspects of what makes you human.

These human traits and behaviors are innate in all of us. Each of us need to find those particular drives and gears that cause us to go out and try to be all that we can be every day.

We have to speak to the human side of these motivations because your human existence comes with certain things that are vital to you as a being of the human species.

You require food, water, clothing, shelter, sleep, companionship, and money in a quick laundry list of the basic human needs for survival.

I will be addressing a few of these items as they relate to the aspect of your human motivation.

Every person that is employed and earns a wage is working to gain the financial aspect of the human motivation. This will enable them to purchase all the items that I have named in our list of study.

The essence of what drives and motivates you is the type or amount of each of the items you wish to gather.

Your motivations go into the depths of your desires to purchase a specific type and amount of food, water, clothing, shelter, sleep, and companionship.

You already have a clear blue print of what each of these items mean to you and how they are already motivating you to a call of action.

You may desire to dine on the most exotic cuisines and waters found in this earth. Some of you may have a need to wear the most expensive garments ever created.

Others may require just a simple one room area to call home.

I know of many folks who desire a specific type of mattress to insure that they get the quality sleep they desire to perform their daily tasks.

I have friends who require many companions to fulfill their existence while I have others who just require a few true people in their lives.

No other animal or creature on this planet has the same requirements as you do and they are not motivated by the same items either.

The beauty of this human motivation is that each and every person has a different balance and need for their own individual list.

You truly know how much wage you need to earn to afford the items of importance on your list.

You should also realize that you cannot share your list with everyone you know because it takes a certain level of comfort and maturity to be sound in what is important to you.

Many people will take it upon themselves to try and influence what they believe should be your human motivation for self.

You have to care enough to look within and take the time necessary to come to the understanding of what it is that truly motivating you as a human.

Once you find and compile your individual list you can begin to formulate the necessary plan for execution and fulfillment.

The key deterrent to this human motivation is the adoption of other people’s lists and belief of the required means necessary to accomplish what they believe you should desire in your life.

I know of too many individuals who are truly unhappy with their lives because they are trying to live up to someone else’s motivation of what they believe to be a successful life.

The greatest wonder is that each of us as humans requires totally different things to make us happy.

This variety and diversity should be celebrated and embraced as one of our greatest strengths in our species.

Take an inventory of yourself today to make sure you are honoring your existence by pursuing only those things that motivate you as a human being fulfilling your created life’s purpose.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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