Inspiration - Motivation

The dynamic duo for a great life

Inspiration - motivation are the real starting points for any decision you will make concerning all aspects of your life.

When you look at the definition of what these words stand for it will help to understand how to apply them properly in order to gain the specific outcome that you desire.

Inspiration is defined as stimulation to do creative work, somebody or something that inspires, or creates. This merely means it is the fire by which you start cooking the idea of what you would like to achieve in some aspect of your life.

A nice example of this is intelligent, creative young people really make me proud. They show me that the next generation will be in great hands.

I know for a fact that young people excel better academically when their creative side is greatly developed. This is my inspiration for wanting to make sure that my children have this balance available in their lives to ensure their success in life.

Motivation is defined as giving a reason to act, enthusiasm, or reason. This is the purpose behind the need to achieve the greatness inside of you. What will be accomplished once the goal is rendered?

A great example of this is the fact that because my children have been, so successful both academically and creatively; I want to earn enough money to open a studio where young people can come to learn to express their own creativity be it visually or audibly.

This studio will propel these young people academically and allow them to become successful with no limits to their potential achievements. When I think of paying it forward in my life the words inspiration - motivation always seem to come to mind.

I have looked back over my life thus far and I can find countless images of people, places, and things that have called me into numerous acts of inspiration - motivation.

My parents and family are the greatest representation of this example and all that drive me to become the beacon of light. I use this to try everyday to measure up to my existence.

My parents always instilled in me that any task worth taking on was worth doing right or not doing it at all. Excellence is and was a way of life in my house and not an option you chose.

If I fell short or did not measure up I had a model before me to guide my way and adjust myself accordingly.

If I needed one on one help to chart my path, I could always go to my folks and they would assist me in getting to the best solution for whatever problem I was facing.

It was clear that they had good insight based on their success rate, so there was never a doubt I was getting bad information.

My biggest challenge was the need to figure I was unique and the situations I was facing were like no one else in the world including my parents.

This is when the term my mother used to use comes to mind ever so clearly, “a hard head makes for a soft behind” and believe me when I say …that I had one of the softest behinds on the planet growing up.

I make it a point to reveal all this information, so you will realize that there really is not anything new under the sun and I know that everything you are dealing with right now someone else has already dealt with it and has succeeded in coming out of it as well.

This success rate by itself should be the inspiration - motivation you need to go to the next level in anything you may be tackling right now at this very moment.

I know for a fact that any act worth performing is being sparked by something inside of you that has caused you to be both an inspiration - motivation to others including yourself.

These inspiring - motivating drivers can take the form of many different types of dreams, desires, and outcomes.

Once you have the proper inspiration - motivation in place there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

These two words will act as the fuel that is necessary for the engine to operate at maximum output with a defined destination in mind.

Take your time and make sure that you have the proper inspiration - motivation in place throughout all aspects of your existence to guarantee the successful life you have always dreamed about becoming a reality.

I know you are capable of all the greatness that is contained with you, so let today be the day you step it up and fulfill your life’s creative purpose.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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