Inspiration Sayings

Vocal coaching at its finest

Inspiration sayings are the vocal tools you will need to get you to that place that you have been longing for in your life.

I like to refer to them as my quick fire sayings that will keep me motivated and on target towards my dreams, goals, and desires.

If you doubt the power that inspirational sayings can present for you in your life let me give you some background to help solidify this hidden truth for success.

Think about all the sayings that you can associate with the following scenarios and watch the clarity light being to illuminate in your own mind.

You are at a meeting with several coworkers and one particular individual starts laying into you about a major fumble on a project that really was not your fault, but he insists on making you the fall guy.

Now what type of sayings would you immediately employ in this setting?

Inspiration sayings are about finding the positive in all situations even when it is hard to see.

You have been waiting on some news to arrive concerning something that you have been working on for months.

The verdict is better than anticipated, so what are the first words out of your mouth in celebration?

Your child comes in with some news about a subject that they have been struggling with, but finally figured it all out and in turn excelled in that particular subject.

What might you have to say in this face to face discussion with your child?

Inspiration sayings are those condensed choice words that surmise that by applying yourself you will always gain those rewards from the pursuit through your hard work.

Your wife or significant other comes in and drops a bomb shell of unforeseen news about how they no longer want to be involved in a relationship with you.

I am quite sure that your statements are going to be anything but inspirational in this situation?

Inspiration sayings are about persevering until you find the silver lining when there appears to be none present.

These statements or sayings I am referring to are the words that you would recite be it aloud or quietly to yourself depending on the nature of the scenario you have been presented.

My point simple is that we all have sayings that will immediately come to the forefront of our tongues depending on the information that is being shared with us.

Now what if you could pre load your mind with inspirational sayings that would speak life into every situation you could possibly face be it good or bad.

Think about the power that you would be surrounding yourself with each day?

Every verbal reaction you would partake in would always speak life into existence regardless of how off guard someone tried to catch you.

Always remember that no one can steal your joy or ruin your day without your permission.

You are in total control of everything you say and do regardless.

If you purpose to have nothing, but words of empowerment coming out of your mouth you will in turn create that very same atmosphere for the rest of your existence.

As a person thinks, so is he. What you think about your bring about.

What your release in the world is nothing more than a boomerang in route back to you.

Karma states what you release is exactly what you will get back. You have only what you believe you are worth.

As the song states, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing”.

Inspiration sayings are about having those golden nuggets of words or phrases prepared and ready to be employed at a moment’s notice.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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