My attitude will always create my altitude.

Intelligence is a great thing, but it can only work as well as it should when it is correctly applied.

A person can have a very high I.Q., read many books and acquire a wealth of knowledge, but he will only reach his highest potential if he applies a "can do" attitude on a consistent basis.

When your intelligence shows that you have great potential, your attitude is the factor that will get you there.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that their potential is limited. Even if they have an impressive degree of smarts, they tend to think that they cannot accomplish very much.

They may hesitate in reaching for their goals, or they may hesitate in setting any concrete goals at all.

They might not even realize that they are sabotaging their chances of getting where they truly wish to be in their lives. The good news is that this does not need to happen to you.

Your knowledge and your potential for success are only as good as your attitude.

When you have the attitude that you have what it takes to be a winner, it is one of the strongest foundations which you can have to become a winner.

On the other hand, if you continue to tell yourself that you will fail, or that you cannot overcome the obstacles in your way, it greatly reduces your chances of ever attaining success.

The altitude that you can reach is only as high as you yourself make it.

You can dream big, and set exciting goals for yourself, but this is only the first step. Your knowledge can make all of your dreams and goals possible, but this too is only the first step.

In order to reach all of your dreams and attain all of your goals, there is yet another step. To get to wherever you want to be in life, your attitude is the key.

If you think about the word "intelligent", you might not be sure of how your attitude fits in.

You might think that being smart, and having a good amount of common sense, will be enough to get you through life.

While they are certainly attributes to be proud of, consistently applying a positive attitude is the factor which will make the difference between living a dreary life and living one which is filled with satisfaction.

You do not need to be satisfied with whatever you happen to get or do in life. You can make your life the very best.

The key to a fulfilling, prosperous life does not rest on circumstance. The key to a great life is your own attitude.

When you have your knowledge on your side, it is a good beginning.

When you hold a positive attitude, you will see how many dreams and goals are truly within your abilities.

Instead of settling for whatever happens to come your way, use your intelligence to create your dreams and goals, and to keep in mind that they are within your reach.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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