Intrinsic Motivation

The satisfaction always comes from the inside.

Intrinsic motivation is clearly defined as the joy or gratification one gets from fulfilling the task or work at hand.

A perfect example of this awesome motivation is someone who works on difficult or challenging math problems just because it gives them satisfaction.

When you truly begin to analyze how most humans go about their tasks and situations at hand the ones that seem to matter in the long run, in a lasting sense, are the ones that are taken on through the understanding of intrinsic motivation.

I knew a guy who would seek out cars that had nothing left on them usable, but the frame and he would meticulously take years to restore every piece back to the original show room condition.

Once he got it finished he would sell it and go back on the hunt for another rotting frame to start the process all over again.

I thought this guy was really suffering something wrong in his head until I realized he was gaining his satisfaction from the build through his own motivation.

I had to deduce that it was never about the end task of completion he was after, but the entire process of getting to that stage.

I remember looking back on my own life and remembering how I sat down at age 14 determined to learn how to draw just like my Dad and many of my comic book heroes.

I spent countless hours and sore fingers doing whatever it took to master the art of the pencil, pen, and brush in my case.

The joy of duplicating my favorite character in a perfect rendition brought happiness to my spirit that still can’t quite be put into words that others could appreciate and learn from.

I soon came to an epiphany that I have been operating in an intrinsic motivational plain for most of my life since early childhood.

My drive for almost everything that I have accomplished in my life has always come from that satisfaction I have gained from inside of myself.

Even when others could not understand to save their life why I was, so heck bent on doing this, that, and the other.

The greatest gifts and joy will always come from being “true to yourself”, which I believe is just a laypersons way of saying, “in whatever you do, do it based on intrinsic motivation” and all other things will naturally fall into their proper place.

You do not need to be concerned with seeking permission for following that drive or little voice inside that is telling you to stop delaying and putting off the life you have dreamed of having.

You and only you know those things that will truly bring you the joy and peace that you have been seek your entire life.

You were created to fulfill all those dreams, desires, and goals that you can’t seem to let go of no matter how much you try to deny their existence.

Look around in the very circles you travel and you will witness numerous individuals who have wasted their lives and existences.

This waste is due to not realizing that all they needed to accomplish everything in their life was already contained on the inside of their being.

I would encourage you to find folks who have made it their duty to operate in their own intrinsic motivation and surround yourself with them as mentors and teachers.

While you study these fresh examples of mentorship in your own life their presence will help you to stabilize your own comfort in this new way of life.

These wonderful teachers will help to mentor you to how to unitize that drive that will be priceless in the long run.

I have spoken to plenty of folks who have been on the planet longer than most and they all have one song that they all seem to sing in unison.

The only regret in life should be that you didn’t take advantage of your intrinsic motivation earlier in your own life time.

If not now then when will you learn to trust all that is on the inside of your being?

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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