What you give out is exactly what you will receive back...

Karma: It's all about you.

If pear trees can only produce pears, what fruitful thoughts and actions are you producing?

This golden rule goes unrealized by many because no one wants to willingly sign off on the fact that their life could be suffering some short comings due to their own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Now just take a moment and look at your life as it stands right now.

If you search your heart truly you will see that every part of it down to your occupation, life style, and significant other is a direct result of what you believed you could have.

The fact will always remain that what you think about you bring about. The meditation is the prelude to the manifestation.

You may have developed the habit of thinking that life is unfair.

You may not be receiving all that you truly desire. This is a good time to think about how much fairness you have been giving.

You may not be receiving enough fairness because you have not been offering enough to others.

While receiving good things and positive experiences is always pleasant, it does require a balance. If you wish to have the wonderful experience of receiving, you also need to be willing to give.

Perhaps it is your own karma that has been making the difference between enjoying a life of abundance and being in the position of settling for less.

Karma does not involve a grudging sacrifice. If you do not give willingly, it does not count. The best way to look at giving is for it to come from your heart.

Whether you give your time, material goods, friendship, or some other kind of blessing, when your heart is truly in giving that is when the blessings will come back to you.

Positive karma comes from giving with joy. Whatever you give to others or do for others, being happy about doing it is what matters the most.

No matter what you happen to be giving, think about it like offering someone a present.

They will know if it comes joyfully from your heart by the way in which you express it. When you honestly express that you are delighted to give, they will be delighted to accept it.

When you make a habit of giving, you can prepare yourself for the habit of receiving.

Karma can work in astounding ways. If you are giving as much as you can to others, you can prepare yourself to receive abundance in return.

Life does not need to be a matter of settling for less; it can be all you have ever dreamed of, and more. It has a special way of ensuring that you will receive as much as you give.

Heartfelt giving is the key to a life of abundance.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Karma

Whatever you desire out of life you must first,
freely give without conditions.

When you were a small child, the adults in your life probably told you that it is better to give than to receive.

This is true for adults as well, and it is true in a number of different ways.

When you give a gift to someone, or do something nice for a person, you know how much better it is if you do not think about getting something in return.

Your focus is on how happy it will make the other person feel.

This is the true spirit of giving. If you expected something in return, your giving would not mean as much to that person-- nor would it mean as much to you.

When you consider karma, this same wonderful spirit of giving applies in all areas of your life. You are thinking of how your gift or your actions will make the other person feel good, rather than getting anything in return.

When you give freely, without placing any conditions or expectations on your giving, it also puts you in the right frame of mind to receive.

Gifts, helpful actions, and other things that are positive can quickly lose their meaning if they have conditions attached to them.

However, when you do not expect anything in return, this can set the stage for blessings to come to you. Think of whatever is important to you in life, what you desire, and what you hope for the most.

When you do not believe that anyone is obligated to give or do these things for you, this is when you will be surprised at what you do receive.

Everyone wants a life of abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Having many friends and owning nice things can also make life more pleasant and enjoyable.

The point to keep in mind is that you will have a much greater chance of attaining all of the good that you want in life when you consistently give and do good for others.

You may not be sure of why it is so essential to make your gifts and actions toward others free of conditions.

Perhaps you can think of a time when someone gave you a present for your birthday or Christmas.

How would you have felt if the person said there were conditions attached to you accepting it, or to them giving it, or that they only gave it to you from a sense of obligation?

Those kinds of conditions would have made you feel bad, and made it so you could not fully enjoy the present, even if it were something which you liked very much.

It would have been less than it could have been, because it did not include the true spirit of giving.

You can look at karma in your life the same way. Whatever you desire the most in life, you must look at the spirit in which you give to other people.

When you approach everything with a positive sense of karma, you will be surprised to see the abundance of blessings that you begin to receive.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Karma

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