Law of Abundance

Having all that your life was meant to be...

The law of abundance is the one law you should obey if you want to have the unlimited happiness that this life was designed to give to you.

Very few individuals have truly studied, learned, and mastered this awesome law. For the chosen few that have figured out how this law really works, no greater accomplishment can they speak of in their existence!

The law of abundance speaks to the constant overflow of all things great in your life. The deep love offered from your family and true friends definitely qualifies for this abundant law along with numerous other things.

The primary question I hear is how do I start operating in this life right now? Well, that has to do with your beliefs, confessions, and actions.

I will use several examples to clarify and help drive my point home. This will give you the maximum benefit on how to line up your own law of abundance properly.

The number one obstacle of this law of abundance is you believe that everyone else deserves to live this wonderful lifestyle except you.

I know you have heard many folks say that they don’t need a whole lot of money, just enough to get by and that statement in and of itself is filled with limitations and lack of belief. These people feel that they deserve to have very little of anything.

There is nothing that separates the folks who have a lot from the folks who have a little outside of the obvious of course.

People will create crazy reasoning, in their own minds, on why they feel others “who have so much” deserve it over them, but that is just an unnecessary self-defeating excuse that has to stop today.

This silly talk is just like saying that they deserve to be sick over someone who is healthy, which is truly crazy, but it makes just as little sense when you stop and think about it.

The number two obstacle of the law of abundance is the dreaded confessions that come out of people’s mouths. They state how they don’t believe they deserve to live the law of abundance.

This next example that I am going to share with you; I’m sure you have heard on numerous occasions and probably have used it a time or two in your own life?!

You are wearing an item that someone complements you on and you make a statement that down plays the item, instead of a simply saying “thank you”.

The item that you are wearing doesn’t have to be new to be worn well on any day of the week and down playing a simple complement is not showing any evidence of an abundant lifestyle.

I know several people who have cars that are more than a few years old and they are clearly paid for, yet they are constantly putting themselves down like they are riding in a real lemon of a car because it isn’t the latest and greatest vehicle on the market.

The joy should be in the fact that the car is dependable, well maintained and theirs clear and free. On top of that they can now save that car payment money towards having a backup financial plan, which is in line with living the abundant life for sure.

The number three obstacle of this law of abundance is the lack of action that needs to be taken to show that you in fact want to live this law of abundance.

This third obstacle consists of realizing that right now at this very given moment in time you have everything you could possibly ever need to be content and happy.

The need to accumulate more of the same thing is not necessary once you come to this understanding. Start looking at your life for all the items, people, and blessings that you have already.

This awareness will cause you to stop pursuing things, people and events that you believe will make you feel like you have arrived.

This epiphany will cause you to walk around with an attitude of true gratitude for there are many, all over the world, who would love to trade places with you in a second.

This thankful demeanor will cause you to generate more of the same because you will have finally seen the big picture.

I learned long ago that the very nature of giving away whatever I desired in my life, with a pure heart, would get me that very same thing in return and in a greater volume.

I will prove it to you right now. Have you ever run out of love to give based on the number of individuals you have in your life? The answer is no and this works on any other situation you can think of in your life.

My grandfather used to come to our house and he would check our cupboards and refrigerator for food. If we had plenty in both he would smile and say that we were blessed and living right.

If you have ever fed anyone out of the kindness of your heart you will always have a meal and you will never go hungry.

This is simply how this law of abundance works in its simplest form.

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