I honor the past by making a difference for those who sacrificed on my behalf.

Legacy it is truly a family thing.

I will not bring shame to all the people before me who sacrificed so I could succeed in life. I like to call this "taking the ball and running with it" to the finish line.

You have a multitude of individuals who have come before you that have given you varying degrees of boost and momentum.

This generational horse power was designed for your inherent success in finishing the good race of life.

When you think of the word "legacy," it probably brings to mind something important that was left for you by your parents, grandparents, and others in past generations.

Legacy can reflect people whom you never even met. What they all have in common is they all passed something of value on to you.

The special people in the past left something special for you. They sacrificed so that you could have more and better opportunities.

They often learned important lessons the hard way so that you could benefit from their experience. They left values, traditions, and so much more for you and for the generations in the future.

An interesting point about legacy is that it is a gift which comes at no cost to you. All you need to do is accept it, appreciate it, and be willing to pass it on when the time comes for you to do so.

When you accept the gift of legacy, you honor those who gave it to you. When you pass it on to future generations, you honor the tradition as well as the individual people themselves.

It is a gift which will be cherished throughout time.

Legacy is a gift which must be treated carefully. It must be kept clean and intact in order for it to be useful for you and for others.

As one example, when you preserve your family name by keeping a clean reputation and good character, you will be honoring all of the family members who came before you, as well as guarding it for future generations.

The previous generations in your family may have been wealthy, or they may have been poor.

Whether they had many material possessions or very few, what they have done for you is much more important than the material goods that they could give to you.

When you conduct your life with respect for yourself and for others, and move toward your goals in an appropriate way, you will be honoring those who came before you.

You will be honoring their legacy in a manner in which you can someday pass on to the next generation.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Legacy

My ancestors will live through my success!

When you think of your ancestors, what are the first things that come to mind?

Your first thoughts of your ancestors may be a country they immigrated from, a talent someone had which your relatives continue to share stories about, or even physical characteristics such as the hair color which you inherited.

While all of these are important, there is much more to your ancestors' legacy.

The most significant part of their legacy is the many contributions which they made for you and to you.

Their hard work, their commitment to their families, and the special accomplishments that they made, are all parts of the legacy which they provided for you.

Whatever they did in their lives, and whatever role they played, was a contribution to you, to your life today, and to your future.

As your ancestors' legacy is passed down from generation to generation, it is also time to consider your own role.

Whatever success you earn in your lifetime, it will have a much greater effect than on you yourself.

While your success is a point of pride and enjoyment for yourself, it will also be a wonderful example for the generations that follow you.

Equally important, the success you earn through your own hard work and determination is an excellent way to honor your ancestors.

Think of how much pride your parents feel when you do well. While each of your accomplishments brings nice benefits to you, it also gives them a sense of pride.

After all, they were the people who helped to shape your character, and helped you to learn the positive ways to succeed.

Even though your ancestors from generations in the past are not present in your life today, each of your successes honors them.

Each of your ancestors whom you have never known played an important role in the person that you are today.

Everything from their unique personality traits to their lifestyles has had an effect on you.

You can be thankful for the person you are, because you are the result of their contributions.

When you truly feel and display this attitude of gratitude, you will be acknowledging all that your ancestors did for you.

While you can be proud of each of your accomplishments, you know that you did not attain them all by yourself.

The legacy of hard work, determination, and the drive to succeed was a daily part of your ancestors' lives. As it was passed down through the generations, it was also given to you.

It has given you the strength and desire to reach for your highest goals, and attain them by applying yourself effectively and honestly in each situation you encounter.

You may not have known any of your ancestors personally. You may only know of them from old photographs, or stories told by the older people in your family.

The connection which you feel to them may be very strong, or a little uncertain.

Either way, when you think about the contributions which they have made to you, helping them to live on through your successes is a joy and a sense of pride which you will not want to miss.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Legacy

Picking up where those before me left off...

If you think about your family history as far back as you have knowledge of it, you are getting a view of what legacy is all about.

From your most distant ancestors to your own parents, the individual people in each generation have passed many things down to you.

When you use these gifts appropriately, you are setting the stage to pass your ancestors' amazing linage down to the generations who will follow you in decades to come.

One part is the characteristics and attributes which you have inherited from your ancestors.

Your ancestors may have come to the United States from a different country, bringing with them such values as a strong family unit, dedication to hard work, and the desire to turn dreams into the reality of success.

They have passed these values on to your grandparents, your parents, and you, even if you never had the opportunity to meet any of them in person.

Living this legacy and passing it along to the next generation is not an old-fashioned concept.

In fact, when you pick up where those before you left off, you are honoring their sacrifices, acknowledging the good that they did during their lifetimes, and deeming it all valuable enough to make it a part of your own life in the present day.

When you do this, your own children and grandchildren will inherit this gift from you, just as you have inherited it from those who lived before you.

A second part of their family consists of the traditions and customs which were an integral part of their lives.

These traditions and customs may have been related to the culture of your ancestors, the religion they practiced, or special traditions and customs made up within the family.

When you practice their traditions in your own life, you are demonstrating how meaningful their traditions are to you; passing them on to younger family members or your own children in the future, will keep your ancestors' linage alive.

You can look at legacy as a very distinctive kind of heirloom. Although you cannot hold it in your hand or place it in your home for display, it is something to treasure.

Unlike heirlooms which can become broken, damaged, or lost, the heirloom of your legacy will continue to be as strong and beautiful as it was for your grandparents, as long as you keep it this way.

While photographs and other mementos may not withstand the test of time, your legacy can.

If you realize how much it meant to those who came before you, and acknowledge that it continues to hold such deep meaning for you today, you are not only honoring your ancestors, but making your own life more meaningful at the same time.

In the future, when there is a new generation to pass this legacy to, they will surely appreciate and cherish it as much as you do today.

This family connection helps you to be one strong link in the chain of the generations.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Legacy

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