Life Purpose Statements

Write your stance now for the world to see

Life purpose statements are truly all about what you have to say for your existence.

Think of it as phrases you would use to help someone who did not know anything about you.

This will be an opportunity for others to get to know you better through some choice words and descriptions.

People always wait until someone dies to tell all about their great legacy and the works they accomplished while living.

This information can be better utilized while they are still among us.

I figured that there is no one more qualified to describe you than yourself.

What life statements can you think of that properly reflect all that you have accomplished or desire to yet create in your life?

These statements can work wonderfully to give you an encouraging edge for any task that you seek to master, be it great or small.

You can help assist others, like your children, in developing their own empowering life purpose statements.

This will catapult them into the greatness that you know is within them.

You can create your own personal script. You must properly structure your life statements to speak joy and motivation in all your goals.

I frequently utilize the statement that every step I take is orchestrated by creation itself.

I am always right where I am supposed to be, so I must make the most of every situation and opportunity that is presented to me.

This life purpose phrase keeps me constantly excited about the mystery and surprise that each moment in time can present; if I just prepare for it and keep an open eye and mind towards the unknown.

At any moment in time, a miracle is taking place if you just know how to look for and recognize it.

It only takes one moment to change your life for the better. So go out, starting today with an excitement.

Your life statements must be handy and ready to share with the world. By sharing who you truly are and what you are going to accomplish in this life.

I told myself “I was created for greatness” until I started to believe it and now I know it for sure, just as clear as my favorite song playing in my head.

The belief in anything must first start with self. You are only as awesome as you think you are…

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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