Life Purpose

5 Steps to Knowing your Purpose in Life

Your life purpose do you know what yours is?

What is my purpose in life? I know that everyone who has ever existed has posed this question to themselves in one way or another.

This question normally finds its way into our thinking at an early age.

If you think back I know you will remember how many times you were asked as a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up"?

This is a very tall order to clarify for most of us who are adults, so one can only imagine how difficult it is for a child to try and answer this question with minimal understanding of all that life has to offer.

As a result we typically end up picking an occupation based on a family member or close friend of the family.

Some choose something at random that seems to be important, practical, lucrative, safe, stable and a whole bunch of words that normally spell dooms day and unhappiness in the long run.

You would think that such an important task as figuring out what your purpose in life will be; would be at the top of the list for any parent or guardian raising a child.

Unfortunately many adults do not have a sound handle on their purpose in life either.

Once you take the time to really study these 5 steps to knowing your purpose in life you will be on your way to the most exciting discovery concerning why you are really here!

Step 1 of your life purpose:

You enjoy doing this talent/ability, so much that if money and time was not a concern you would do this thing all day or night.

Step 2 of your life purpose:

You think this talent/ability is really no big deal, but others around you marvel at how easily, effortlessly, creatively or effectively you execute this talent/ability.

Step 3 of your life purpose:

Hours can fly by very quickly when you are doing this talent/ability even though it only seems like a short amount of time has elapsed.

Step 4 of your life purpose:

Your entire countenance changes, like a kid in a candy store, when you talk about or see anything that relates to this talent/ability.

Step 5 of your life purpose:

The love and joy of this talent/ability started in your childhood and really became stronger and settled in your beginning around your early teens.

This talent/ability may have evolved in some regard, as you became an adult, yet it has remained a constant in your life.

Sometimes this talent/ability is not just one thing, but a host of things that may or may not share any commonality.

Now that I have given you the steps to truly recognize your purpose in life; I am going to help you through my own example.

I remember when I was a young child in the 3rd grade or so I would run to my Dad, with a pencil and paper in hand asking him to draw a picture of me.

As I sat in front of him nice and still he would began to compile the drawing.

I remember being so excited about this session that I could hardly stay still and then he would say, "I'm finished" and hand me a drawing of some funny looking lady with large lips, big hair, large body parts and she was always wearing a pair of combat boots with Bobbie socks.

The site of this drawing would cause me to marvel at how a blank sheet of paper was now changed into something completely rendered from his imagination.

Then I would laugh and tell him that it didn't look anything like me, and we both would get another laugh out of the entire experience.

I would go through this request about every quarter with the same result until that one day when he actually drew a picture of me. I was speechless and hooked from that moment on.

I would spend hours trying to do what my father did with no success at all.

My father became my drawing hero once again in the 7th grade as I desperately tried to draw a picture of an F-4 Phantom with no success.

I took it to him and he performed his magic and I said to myself right then and there that "I want to be as good as him one day..."

Fast forward to age 14 and my love for comic books and envying the talents of the many artists featured within those small books of gold.

I sat down, along with my 13 year old brother, and we made a pact that we were both going to learn how to draw like those comic book artists no matter what.

Time passed and off to college I went majoring in architecture. My brother and I kept our pact and perfected our talent/ability.

Now after 20 years of working in the field of architecture I realized that my true "creative" life purpose could not be ignored any longer.

I finally stepped up and out to fulfill my creative purpose in life and I have never been happier.

I only wished I had had these 5 steps earlier, but I understand that there are no coincidences in life and every step is truly orchestrated for its own set time.

Your life purpose is all about everything you were created to be and so much more!

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

A Purpose Driven Life: Statements - Accountability - Optimism – Power of Words - Self Respect - Vision

A Purpose Driven Life
A purpose driven life is paramount for charting your ultimate destiny towards bliss and happiness. Our brains are still the most sophisticated computer known to man and we still have not fully tapped its total power yet.

Life Purpose Statements
Life purpose statements are truly all about what you have to say for your existence. Think of it as phrases you would use to help someone who did not know anything about you. This will be an opportunity for others to get to know you better through some choice words and descriptions.

Our Purpose in Life
Our purpose in life has already been stored on the inside of your soul waiting for your discovery. How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself, why am I here? What is my purpose in life?

Accountability - You must take responsibility for all that you say and do in your life. You have the ability to make your life as wonderful as the decisions you make.

Optimism - Each day you have the ability, in your surroundings, to make a positive difference in someone's life. You can never under estimate the power and value these random acts of kindness can have on everyone you may encounter today.

Power of Words
The Power of Words - We all have heard someone speak of how the tongue is truly mightier than the sword. If you stop to think about it you might be surprised to learn how true that statement can be for so many people.

Self Respect
This parenting recipe is sure to be a hit with the children and it makes more than enough to be shared with others! You want him to be happy and fulfilled, and experience many opportunities in life.

Vision - History books are filled with people who had dreams. You are probably familiar with some of them. You might not realize, however, how important a goal is to you. When you know how important a clear site is, you will surely want to create it for yourself.

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