If you hurry to the end... You will miss the best parts!

Each part of your life is special and should be enjoyed one moment at a time.

If you are lucky, you may have grandparents or other elderly family members. If not, you probably have neighbors or other nice people in the older generation.

You may have noticed that some of these people seem quite content with themselves and their lives, while others do not. You may be hoping that you will be like those happier people when you are in your later years.

The good news is that it is not impossible. It is not even difficult. The key to being happy and content when you are elderly is to make the very most of every minute.

One mistake which many young people make is that they are in a rush to grow up. They are in such a hurry to get to some specific adult age that they miss out of their growing up years.

Whether you are in elementary school, high school, or college, there is plenty of living to do today, and plenty to enjoy.

Your growing years are the time to savor every bit of life. These are the years which contain many opportunities.

The years for having all of the hobbies that interest you, making many good friends, learning, developing skills, and dreaming dreams, are years which you can never get back once they are over.

Every day is chocked-full of wonderful experiences for you. You need to make the most of them now, because they will not be present after today.

Older people who are not satisfied with their lives tried to get through their years too fast. In rushing through, they missed out on so many great opportunities. They may have regrets, and even bitterness, over an existence, which was not all it could have been.

While this is very sad, it does not need to happen to you. You can see the wonder in every day as it is presented to you-- and when you live each one to its fullest, you will be more than satisfied with your life.

You can think about yourself decades into the future. When you are old, you want to be able to look back on your life with a true sense of fulfillment.

You will want to know that you gave your best and joyfully accepted all that your existence had to offer to you.

You can look back on the countless number of people who touched your heart, and the people whose lives you touched. You can look back on challenges met, and opportunities fulfilled, without any regrets.

The way to the happiest golden years is to not hurry through all the special gifts of time. Instead of rushing to get to a different point, cherish the point where you are today. When you follow this path, you will not miss the best parts.

An average day will be as important to you as your milestones. When you have this outlook, and put it into practice, you will be assured that when you are much older you will look back on your life as a wonderful success.

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Ankh: Chinese Law of Abundance - Create-Sun - Karma - Kindness - Patience

The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life. This life is created through the union of a man and a woman.

Chinese Law of Abundance
This Chinese law of abundance is all about the action you take right now. I have been hearing about this Chinese law of abundance for some time and figured I would give it a test drive and write about my unbiased finding.

Create-Sun is more than just a name for our company or a play off the word “creation”. The meanings found within this name have more depth and levels to them than all the pyramids in Egypt put together.

Karma: It's all about you. If pear trees can only produce pears, what fruitful thoughts and actions are you producing?

Choose kindness. You will have many opportunities in life to help those who can never repay you in some way, but compassion has a greater reward than any payback ever could...

Patience - The most important virtue. You may have noticed that everything seems to take much longer when hope is not a part of the picture. You may not have been able to figure out why this is the case.

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Positive Inspiration - Life

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