List of Affirmations

Your written script to a successful life

You should ideally have a list of affirmations handy for any and all things you are believing for in your own life.

History has proven this fact over and over again that any mile stone worth achieving needs to be laced with a powerful “battle cry” and this is what your list of affirmations will provide.

View your affirmations as powerful words that will always provide that needed boost of power and drive to stay on the course until your primary objective is met or surpassed.

The reason for having several affirmations instead of just one deal’s with the insurance that is provided by having multiple coverage for any challenge or obstacle that might present itself.

I like to state it this way, your affirmations list will be similar to you having every tool in your arsenal you could possibly need to address any situation you might have to face.

Any job is easy to handle if you possess the correct tool for the task.

Think back to the last time you felt like you were in a very bad way and you just did not know how you were going to overcome.

Now think back to the one person who presented to you just the right words to confirm in your mind that you were not only going to indeed survive, but excel in the process.

This is truly what your affirmations list will do for you when you need that thrust of motion to keep your momentum flowing in the right direction.

This list will be the wind beneath your wings to keep you soaring and flying high on the road to success.

The punch that will make your affirmations, so impactful is that only you know the true structure of words that will cause you to rise and be inspired to motivation.

Just like a list of your favorite songs these affirmations will bring joy to your spirit that you will not be able to shake.

Your list of positive inspirations will be the fire that will boil off the mindset of complacency and render you a changed person.

You will finally be armed with a myriad of useful words that will keep you steady as you work out your plan of attack for the goal, dream, or destination you have in mind.

There is nothing better than creating a bona fide system that will insure that you will be fully covered for any task that life may throw at you, thanks to your affirmations list.

Make many copies of your list and keep them handy until you get to the place where you know each and every affirmation from memory.

You can continue to add more affirmation as you start to see the manifestation of your desires coming to light.

You will find that an additional benefit to your list will be the ability to motivate others to greatness while helping them to develop their own list of affirmations.

Your tomorrow is just a daily affirmations list away from today.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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