Manifesting Abundance

Is all about how you see your life

Manifesting Abundance is totally within your control to make happen.

I believe that each person tries to manifest good things in their own life.

The key factors that assist in allowing the manifestation to take place typically elude most people and subsequently cause the exact opposite effect to happen.

The following guidelines will insure that you have everything in its proper place to step out and into your abundance once and for all.

I want to take this time to clarify that abundance is not just about the pipe dream of what you would purchase if money was no object type of scenario.

I am talking about the true manifestation that comes from all aspects of your life from your health to the livelihood of your family.

Let’s give a simple definition of manifesting abundance as a life of joy and continuing overflow of more than enough for all you could truly need in your own life.

The first factor in most failing to create that life of manifested abundance is the clear behaviors that contradict the very life you desire to live.

An example would be clearly ingesting everything, but healthy foods and drinks yet desiring to have a fit body free from ailments and disease.

Taking part in unhealthy life style options such as smoking, excessive drinking, and the like will not make you feel energized nor abundant in anyway.

The very actions you take today speak to the type of life you truly want to lead.

You can eat healthier without having to buy all organic items if you so choose. A healthy lifestyle does not have to break your bank to improve your life.

If you have better nutrition going into your body you are better equipped to have increased body functions and processes as a result.

These increased functions and processes mean greater ideas, goals, and visions along with additional strategies of detailed plans for manifesting abundance.

These same examples work with any habit, behavior, or group of individuals you may be dealing with that you know are contrary to the manifested abundance that you seek.

The second factor that plagues most in not manifesting abundance is found within their subconscious that really does not desire to live an abundant life.

You probably suffer from this subconscious problem if, being honest with yourself, you realize that every time you get a surplus of anything like money; you find yourself focusing more on how quickly it will be gone away from you than merely enjoying its presence.

This “poor mouthing” behavior is hard wired into your mind, such that even when there is no reason to worry, because you have plenty of something, you are already preparing for the day when you do not have that plentiful amount any longer.

This factor is prevalent in numerous folks as you often hear them speaking about things in one context yet having a life style totally opposite of their communication.

Most are in total denial even if you take the time to point this fact out to them directly. You must create a different behavior in order to generate a different outcome.

You must be serious about manifesting abundance in your life to the point that you sit down like a statistician and examine every part of your life making the necessary adjustments accordingly.

These actions will not only create newly developed good habits, but they will reprogram your subconscious while manifesting your abundant life.

Anything you hold true in your life is set in granite embedded within your subconscious and it drives your life like an auto pilot function on an aircraft.

If you want to change your destination you must clear it with your subconscious.

The atmospheres, surroundings, and associations you encompass yourself with will tell your subconscious what you truly want it to create on your behalf.

You only mimic your immediate surroundings and the 3-5 people you spend the majority of your time with everyday are the average of everything you can believe for your own existence.

When you are ready to adjust all the internal parts of “you” that are not acting on behalf of an abundant life you will be well on your way to manifesting that and so much more…

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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