Motivation in the Workplace

Going beyond the pay check

Motivation in the workplace is not just about being thankful that you have a job to go to everyday. This scare tactic is old and played out.

At some point in time this was quite effective in getting workers in the workplace motivated to do more than just come to work and get by on the bare minimum effort and output.

Employers have to realize that their employees need to be motivated beyond the earned pay check they bring home every few weeks.

Three key components to getting the motivation back in the workplace are productivity, accountability, and respect.

Any employer who utilizes these three keys successfully will have the ideal workplace atmosphere.

This will generate the mindset for maximum profits and overflowing joy exuded from each and every employee.

Motivation in the workplace is about treating people as competent individuals.

Productivity - just simply speaks to the goal of any particular company.

When you make your employees aware of the productivity goal they will have the necessary steps to guide them step by step.

They will know what they are shooting for with your company’s goal in mind on a day to day basis.

We all have short and long term goals that we set for ourselves day in and day out, so arriving to work each day with a particular goal in mind.

This creates that challenging achievement type of game that gives you the drive you need to apply yourself with the proper motivation in the workplace on any given day.

There is nothing that gets the “can do” attitude charged like having a goal to shoot for in anything in life that you take on.

Workers strive for meeting completion deadlines. This is a vital motor starting tool.

It will constantly get the best out of each and every individual you have working at your company.

Your employees will obtain greater satisfaction by having a goal or objective to meet while fully understanding the necessary strategy for achievement.

They will have to reward and self-satisfaction for a job well done.

Accountability - is the second key and it really speaks to the specific involvement each employee has with your company and what they are responsible for as individuals.

Your work force wants to be in charge of their own project or facet of a project.

By making a person accountable insures that they have the ability to watch over something and keep it safe and moving forward.

Motivation in the workplace is about make being responsible for all they do.

Accountability speaks to giving a person custody and responsibility for a particular item or task.

This level of responsibility shows the trust that all employers must show to their employees to keep the proper channels of success flowing properly.

Ownership creates a protective behavior that causes one to insure the safety and ultimately the success of that task.

Being accountable speaks to the consequence, which is the flip side of responsibility.

A worker who fully understands the outcome of a goal not met will cherish the responsibility of trying to meet that goal all the more.

The drive for completion goes back to the games of achievement I spoke about earlier.

We love the “what if” side of success and giving your employees this responsibility well develop them for greater challenges and more difficult tasks as time goes along.

The final key is the most important of all three and it speaks to respect.

I always use the quote; “people don’t care what you know until they know you first care” this is vital in any work environment.

Your employees must know that you respect them as individuals and not just workers within your company.

Motivation in the workplace is about simple respect of all people regardless of the job they perform for your company.

Respect - is shown by the way you speak with them and to them.

This is about using verbiage that will insure that they take the tasks at hand on with an exuberant zeal to succeed and not just too merely get by.

This is when the use of the words please and thank you will take your company to higher heights and deeper depths.

Respect also is shown in how you give tasks and completion dates to your employees.

You must respect the time it takes to do the job successfully.

Reward your employees when they exceed your scheduling expectations.

Respect can be shown in going to an individual and telling them firsthand how pleased you are with a task they have handled on your company’s behalf.

Respect in the form of extra bonuses perks such as additional vacation time off with pay or monetary increases in ones pay are both great ways to create motivation in the workplace.

Bringing in developmental tools for your employees is another way to show respect and increase the drive in your employees.

When you use personal development of your staff as a constant tool of training and respect you will gain a loyalty from your employees that will send a message to others.

This message of employee development is an excellent motivation in the work place.

It will create benefits that will speak volumes to others interested in seeking employment with your company, which is a wonderful recruiting tool.

Utilizing these keys of productivity, accountability, and respect will ensure that your company will be a success model.

Others will use your model in creating and building their own dreams for achievement and motivation in their workplace.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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