Motivation Theories

This is the entire make up of you

There have been numerous conversations on the topic of motivation theories, but they are merely nothing more than the different facets of all the components that make up you and your behavioral quirks.

Most often you will see these theories represented in a pyramid diagram with 5 different sections for each sub heading going from the tip of the pyramid on downward to the base of the pyramid.

The sub headings are typically listed as follows: Self Actualization, Ego, Social, Security, and Physical.

Once you go through this list you will see that these theories increase in vitality and are required for your existence.

“Self Actualization” really addresses each individual’s ability to create all aspects of their being through achievements and the desire to truly know and understand what make you the person you are.

The best way to address this first of five motivations is to look at the independent drive that wills you to be all that you were created to be without any qualms.

It is the auto pilot that keeps you going without question.

The second of our theories is the “Ego” which is best described as your individual self-esteem and driving force that seeks the recognitions, promotions, and bonuses that life and career can bring.

The simple term for this theory would be the inside beacon that makes you seek the prestige and power within your own life.

I like to state it as the things I do to make me feel good and content on the interior of my own existence.

Number three of the five theories is the “Social” aspect of needing to be loved, included or just belonging. We have all heard of the social butterfly.

They find and sustain their lives by being hooked into people for their life force.

If you were a car engine then this motivation theory would be the oil keeping your engine performing at maximum output.

We all need that human contact and interaction in varying degrees whether we choose to admit it or not.

Some of us just need that interaction more frequently than others throughout the course of a day.

I love to watch children with their parents because this motivational theory is truly evident in the way they act when they are near their parents; especially if there has been any absence of time what so ever.

The children have this need to cling to their parents like their life depended on every touch.

When they feel that their social tank has been replenished they will go off and play until they feel the need for yet another refill.

I have seen this same behavior and dynamic structured slightly differently in some cases with individual couples, siblings, and friends to boot.

The forth motivation is the “Security” aspect of all humans wanting to feel safe, stable and sheltered from harm’s way.

Most humans on this planet seek the need to feel safe from all the craziness that can happen in one’s life.

Many of us go to great lengths to try and assure ourselves of this fact.

It may be through the ownership of fire arms, alarms, dogs, or living in gated communities.

The final foundational base for all of our theories is the “Physical” need for breathing clean air, sustenance, clean water, proper sleep, necessary exercise and freedom from any disabilities or diseases.

The last of the theories is the foundation that holds up and supports all the other theories because without this one all the others would cease to exist.

The five motivation theories for self-fulfillment are critical.

When you obtain your individual Self Actualization, Ego, Social, Security and Physical needs you will truly have obtained the essence of an inspirational, successful, and motivational life.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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