Motivational Quotes

The kindling that sparks the fire...

Motivational quotes are designed to reach down into a person’s essence and bring forth that goal oriented behavior that is necessary to make those strides in life towards a better destination.

Just go to any meeting room around your office space and you will see the walls lined with these quotes with dynamic photos associated with them.

This visual concept goes back to the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and then kicks it into overdrive.

The power that motivational quotes have when accompanied with striking photos are an unbeatable combination when you stop and really think about it for a second.

We as human beings can be lead into frenzies by any person gifted enough to put words together that touch our emotional state.

Go to any school pep rally, sports huddle, or religious service and you will see this very concept in full action in its purest form.

Link these powerful words to a picture and watch that individual soar to the stratosphere.

Motivational quotes act like beacons of light that help guide a lost ship out of the dark misty night into the safety of the port.

When you feel like giving it up, calling it quits, or hanging it up all together; a spirit of inspiration will overtake you in the form of many different motivating quotes that start coming to mind in that ever so quiet voice.

The voice you hear could be that of a parent, grandparent, former coach, relative, or just a good friend you respect.

Either way these recalled quotes of gold will reenergize your mind, body, and spirit in such a way that you find the strength you need to keep going and persevere over the challenge that you are facing.

I often associate motivational quotes with the food supplied to an individual that is believed to be starving.

One notices the changes both in the physical and mental states as the energy source is replenished through the vital nutrition provided to him.

These quotes will continue to feed him as he journeys forward to his place of total fulfillment in his life.

When he finds himself slightly tired and worn a quick bite on a quote will supply the pep he needs to keep his steps going forward and in order.

Motivational quotes also come in the form of stories from the past about other individuals who have overcome great obstacles within their lifetime.

Just enter “motivational quotes” in any search engine and you will be instantly supplied with more links and articles than you could possibly read.

Life often does not come with a 100% guarantee, but if you find evidence, through motivating quotes, that someone else has come out of a pickle of predicaments then you have all the means and abilities to follow suit and do the same.

I learned at a very early age that life is no respecter of person, if it will do for one it will do for another.

I have made it my business to research and try to find these hidden truths that come with those individuals that are abundantly prosperous in their ventures.

I started noticing a pattern that many had in these multitudes of motivation quotes that they lived by.

These quotes were not about cute little saying to get ones attention, but they were actually definable nuggets of gold that were used to govern their day to day activities in life and business.

Many talented individuals will tell you that if you want to know how to succeed in anything you want to take on in life; simply find successful people, who are doing that thing that you desire to do, and emulate them.

Most successful individuals would love nothing more than to help others out in their lessons learned school of hard knocks.

This falls right into the category of the law or reciprocity or simple stated paying it forward.

I live by many different motivational quotes.

The two that I seem to call upon most often in conversations with other individuals are “twice the amount of fear does not equal one try” and “all situations must be mutually beneficial”.

I call them my one two punch in the face of excuses and complaints.

The glue that makes a quote stick and continue to be passed down throughout time typically falls in the realm of multiple success stories.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is a silly quote at times, but you cannot argue with the wisdom found within these simple words.

Just keep in mind that many individuals have done the hard work for you, through trial and error, to create quotes that are designed to save you time and in many cases money when properly utilized.

Remember that you have the ability, through these motivating quotes, not have to “reinvent or recreate the wheel”.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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