Novelty T Shirts

More than meets the eyes…

When you think about novelty t shirts you probably are inundated with images of some crazy things you have seen placed on the front or back of a t shirt.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I personally have been surprised and shocked more times than not over some of the stuff that graces these t shirts!

Having said that I make it a point to focus on the good and powerful things I have witnessed. Those that went beyond the t shirt type of craziness.

I am excited and have vivid images regarding some items that were awesomely represented on some t shirts that I now own.

Through my naivety, I learned that t shirts do not have to be offensive, shocking, or silly beyond comprehension to speak volumes and make powerful changes in people.

I have since come to understand that numerous people are looking for novelty t shirts that speak to success, empowerment, and an inherent love of self.

People want to wear t shirts that allow them to take on the world, knowing that victory will be theirs. People want to wear t shirts that are as powerful and meaningful as the air that they breathe.

Everyone needs and seeks positive words of encouragement to help them truly be all that they can be and so much more.

We must look beyond the novelty found in t shirts and understand the opportunity that this avenue of creativity can offer in every person's life.

T shirt designs and quotes have become such a life altering medium that you see more and more individuals and companies trying to capitalize on this wonderful form of free expression.

Nobody ever imagined during the creation of t shirts that they would have the platform and ability to bring about the clearly seen evidence of change in people and nations.

The quote that speaks to “you are what you wear” is an example of what you truly show the world outside about your personality.

This showing to the world is something to really consider and think about the next time you put on a t shirt with a statement that speaks contrary to the life and example you desire to set and live.

You have one time to make a first impression, so what are your t shirts saying about your character and person that you strive to be in your everyday life?

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Photos courtesy of artist Anthony K. Wilson, Sr.

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