Parenting Recipe

Parenting Recipe: A dash of love-n-hugs, a splash of patience-understanding, listening and forgiveness, mix well with all the time in the world until your child succeeds!

This parenting recipe is sure to be a hit with the children and it makes more than enough to be shared with others!

You want him to be happy and fulfilled, and experience many opportunities in life.

While you may not have thought of parenting as containing a "recipe," all of these are essential "ingredients" in making your child's life as great as it can be, both now and in the future.

The love-n-hugs in the parenting recipe are important regardless of your child's age. This also includes expressing love and affection verbally.

As your child is never too young nor too old to be loved, he never outgrows the need to be told and shown your love.

Growing up, and growing in general, is a learning experience.

The more patience and understanding that you extend to your child, throughout his growing up years, the more fruitful the experience will be for him.

This part of the parent recipe will also make life easier for you and your home life much happier.

Everyone makes mistakes. Children are certainly no exception. When you approach your child's mistakes with listening and forgiveness, you are teaching him some valuable lessons.

You are teaching him that making a mistake is not the end of the world.

You are also teaching him that admitting mistakes and working hard to set them right is much better than trying to shirk the blame.

When he has this foundation early in life, he will also learn to forgive others, and not expect other people to be perfect.

Time is an essential ingredient in the parenting recipe. Parenting cannot be done properly if you only give your child a few minutes of your free time.

Even if you have a very busy schedule, you need to devote time to your child. He cannot be seen as an afterthought. He needs to know that he is your priority.

In fact, time may well be the most essential of all of these ingredients. Parenting is a full-time job, whether you have numerous other obligations in your everyday life or not.

When you give your child your time, your undivided attention is the best.

While participating in hobbies and other interests together is a good thing, it cannot make up for time used for true communication.

Talking with your child, and listening to whatever he has to say, is a necessary ingredient in the parent recipe. When you put your time into this type of communication, it is much more than sharing words and experiences.

It lets your child know that what he thinks, feels, and wants, is very important to you. It lets him know that he himself is very important to you.

Building your child up in his own eyes begins with letting him know that he is built up in yours.

Whether he is a toddler or a teen, his basic sense of worth as a person begins by seeing his worth reflected in his parent.

When you give your undivided attention and time to your child on a regular basis, you are essentially giving him the gift of himself, as well as your own.

It is a part of the parent recipe that he will remember and cherish throughout his life.

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