Positive Affirmations

The Key to Prosperity during an Economic Downfall

Positive Affirmations - I know that in these pressing economic times everyone is looking for a way to keep their finances stable.

The struggles that many are suffering at the hands of lack can be staggering at times. I am here to let you know that it does not have to be this way for you anymore!

If you understand that what you think about you bring about, you will be on your way to changing your circumstances for the better.

The way to address your situational lack, regardless of the subject matter, is through your thoughts, positive affirmations, and beliefs.

Depending on your present need there is a specific positive affirmation quote that will get you exactly where you need to be if you follow these specific suggestions to the letter...

I know there has been a movement sweeping the nation regarding the untapped powers of the mind.

I have figured out the missing "secret" parts of this movement known as the power or law of attraction and intention.

I know firsthand that merely thinking about a want or desire alone isn't enough to assist you in the manifestation of that item.

You must go through a few additional steps to solidify your desire into a present day reality.

Positive Affirmation quotes are designed to meet and address every need you could be going through.

I am going to ask you to trust your subconscious and pick the affirmation quote that best describes you desire or need.

Once you have your positive affirmation quote we will begin the first phase of your transformation which I call the "it is here" part of your desire.

You must start by taking the time to think about what it is you really want and then capture that in some type of written form, so you can reference it often.

I would even make another copy and keep it with you at all times.

This is not as easy as it sounds because just saying I want more money is not clear enough because if you find a penny today you have technically accomplished that desire right?

Now let's say you really wanted to increase your net income by $30,000 by the August 2, 2012.

Here is another perfect example. I want a 1968 SS Chevy Camaro, with a 396 ci-375 hp 4 speed with black interior and candy bronze body paint with a black metallic stripe.

This amount of detail is what will be required to insure your confessions success.

Every morning before you get out of the bed take the time to fully picture whatever you are believing for as though it is already here and very much an existing reality.

Allow yourself to feel the emotion of it all including, if applicable, the color, size, detail, smell, or feel of whatever it may be that you want.

Repeat these steps again as you are lying there waiting to go to sleep.

Recite your positive affirmation a loud while looking at yourself in a mirror.

This is going to be your routine daily. Every time your affirmation crosses you mind, throughout the day, recite it aloud to yourself.

Every time someone makes a comment about how you have changed recite your positive affirmation aloud in their presence.

You will increase your deliver time by sharing your positive affirmation with others.

At the end of the day recite your positive affirmation once again while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Now the hidden "secret" is that these repetitive actions and visualizations are going to generate situations, guidelines and instructions that will appear to be coincidences.

These secrets are in fact the necessary actions that you will need to take to bring your desire into being.

The lack of action taken is the main reason why most people fail to manifest or achieve what they want.

The idea of just wishing something into existence without any work on your part is best left to the big screen movies.

The old something for nothing attitude will truly leave you with nothing.

You cannot desire something that goes against another person's will or personal choice either.

A prime example to help you fully understand this major violation is as follows:

I want my dear friend's husband to leave her and marry me because he is perfect for me.

Now your dear friend and her husband are happily married, so you are most likely not going to accomplish this desire regardless of how hard you meditate on the idea.

Now before you get to upset, there is a way to accomplish your desire by changing your confession's structure.

I want to meet and marry someone as wonderful as my dear friend's husband.

The last hidden key to true manifestation is not to get overly anxious, upset, frustrated, or obsessed on your desire.

These emotions will certainly clog the conduit of delivery.

You have to be able to enjoy this journey like a child playing a fun game with tons of excitement in your heart.

You have to know deep down inside that you are going to win and achieve all that you desire.

Look at this as an extra credit assignment for the wonderful life you already have an "A+" in.

Have you ever wanted something or to accomplish something that you thought you would never do or have?

Now that you have it or have done it, you know it's not impossible to do it again if you had to?

This epiphany is how you need to approach this desire you now have.

Your participation through your actions will be the deciding factor to your success.

Remember the key to being successful in anything in life is based on your confessions, visualizations, and beliefs lining up with the necessary action that needs to be taken to gain the net result.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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