Positive Inspiration

Is something that we all need...

Positive Inspiration is so vital to your development that is should rank right up there with food and water in the survival sense of things.

If you ask anyone who has ever achieved anything great in their life you will find a common denominator that kept them honed in and striving onward until the goal was met or exceeded in many cases.

These driving forces to greatness are simply positive inspiration at work and you would be surprised at what they can bring out of an individual.

I think back to the statements and quotes I used and still use when talking with my sons to keep them engaged and locked in on their success targets.

The main ingredient that you must always continue to focus on is the word positive when speaking about inspiration.

I have seen the reverse of this type of inspiration in the negative form and it can be just as powerful and devastating to an individual if you are not careful.

Just like all things in life, positivity is a choice that you make to operate in each and every day.

The world and society at large will attempt to take care of the inverse position, so it is even more pertinent that you step your words up and actions up to truly reflect the positive side of things.

I have talked to a host of people who I just knew had all their stuff together and you would be surprised to learn; that most of them lacked all the things I gave them credit for in one way or another.

I learned that everyday people are really good actors and most of them do not have it all together. This is contrary to how well they play their roles through distant lip service.

The universal theme I found was lack of constant positive inspiration being around them; to the degree that they felt it would keep them motivated and striving for the greater things in life.

Most claimed that they had to be the providers of their own positive inspiration to meet the goals to stay the course. This is sad, but not as shocking as you might think.

If the people around you are miserable, unfulfilled, and generally unhappy with most things in their lives they typically cannot speak positively about anything else let alone be an encouragement to someone else.

I have told numerous people that I cannot be a positive inspiration to others if my life is less than balanced and ideal. This is the main reason I work, so hard on a daily basis to keep my personal and home life stable and sound.

This is crucial to me because I want to be able to speak life over everyone I encounter and to truly mean it when I give them a word of positive inspiration.

“Misery loves company” and this quote has been around for years and we need to stay as far away from this situation as humanly possible.

I choose to look at positive inspiration as an investment that I can make in each and every person I come across. It does not cost you a dime to be an encouragement to someone and it can pay dividends in someone’s life in the long run.

I learned this lesson in a strange way while attending college. I came back to the dorm after a school dance and a visit to the grocery store.

It was Saturday night and I quickly found out that someone had put superglue in my door lock, which prevented me from entering my room.

At this time of the night, I knew the maintenance folks would not be post haste in coming to my aid, so I got as comfortable as I could while sitting outside my door with my grocery bag in hand.

Hours soon passed and I found myself sitting in the hall doing my best to stay awake, so my groceries would not be accosted by other hungry lurking dorm mates.

I was sitting there singing the “why did they decide to do this to my lock blues” when a fellow student came by to see about my dilemma.

He shared my name sake, but other students had dubbed him “Friendless”, which was an awful nick name given to him due to his not so entertaining conversation and his very whimsical attitude.

He was an extremely nice guy. His innocent demeanor was a welcome break from the entire foul mouthed on lookers laughing at my present situation.

He elected to sit and keep me company until the maintenance man arrived the following morning, as he had “nothing else better to do” as he put it. I told him that was not necessary, but he insisted and I graciously accepted the company.

I always made it a point to give him the respect and kindness he deserved. I found no reason to mistreat Anthony regardless of how silly he could be with his simple jokes and corny ways.

I was raised better than that and people who tease folks are normally the insecure ones.

We talked for hours and once the maintenance man arrived and switched my lock out he said that he really appreciated our talk that night. I was amazed by his statement because I was grateful that he took time out of his night to sit and keep me company.

He then turned to me before walking off and said “thanks again Anthony, I was thinking about taking my own life tonight because nobody likes me, but you showed me that life is truly worth living and you have always been nice to me” and off to his room he went.

I realized at that very moment that my super glued lock and time sitting outside my room didn’t mean a thing to me. I understood that I was being used for a much bigger purpose.

That night and that event alone has continued to keep me steadfast in staying positive and to always inspire others every chance I get.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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