Positive Thinking Activities

Occupying time with a successful purpose in mind

Positive thinking activities are more than just mere fun and games.

To fully understand the reason behind making sure your activities are positive in nature, we must look deep into this subject.

I am constantly amazed at the statistics that speak to how much time we waste doing nothing as productive human beings.

Then we wonder why we don’t have the life of empowerment that we always dream about.

Constantly doing the same thing, yet expecting a different result is truly the sign of an insane individual.

This missing key is fully utilizing positive activities to our advantage and success.

It is a known fact that what a person thinks about most often is what they will bring about in their life.

I know a guy who always plans for the very worst things imaginable to happen to him, therefore, he gets the very worst outcome because he emphasizes the negative and it manifests as such in his life.

I have pointed this fact out to him on numerous occasions, but he really cannot seem to put two and two together to realize that he is in fact causing his own unfortunate outcomes.

If he could embrace the motivation techniques found in some positive thinking activities, he could begin to turn his entire misfortune around.

Positive activities can come in varying degrees depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

My children play tennis competitively, so their positive thinking activities can range from video games that involve tennis, watching tennis matches on television, reading tennis magazines and playing tennis recreationally just to name a few areas.

These activities are positive in nature, which allow their minds to be thoroughly engulfed with tennis, which gives them a better edge on the court.

I am an artist and I love to paint, sculpt and draw.

I am always researching and reading up on other artists/painters techniques and styles, discussing painting on select forums, as well as going to exhibits, and shows to hang out with other artists and talk shop.

These activities are positive in their ability to make me a better artist as I keep my thoughts immersed on my craft, which is where I desire to mature and grow.

You must always remember that “as a man think so is he”, so focus today to insure that your activities are thought out and positive in all that you desire for them to produce in your life.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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