Quote Success

Is the battle cry for your life...

What it means to quote success has everything to do with the words, statements, and phrases that you utilize daily to keep your mind focused on the dreams, desires and goals at hand.

To quote your own success should also be a battle cry of sorts, because as a man/woman thinks so is he/she!

You might be surprised to see that most folks who desire success make it a point to speak contrary to the very thing they desire.

If you take heed from this lesson and learn to truly listen to anyone while they are speaking you will witness their views and beliefs firsthand on everything including success.

This vital key is priceless because it helps you to realize that a person can only obtain what they truly believe they are worthy of in life.

Ask any millionaire if they ever thought they would have a million dollars clear and free in the bank and most will tell you as a matter of fact “yes” they have always seen themselves in this way.

I am certain that if Michael Jordan’s high school basketball coach was correct when he cut him from the varsity team; we would never have seen his awesome wonders on the basketball court.

It would have been very easy for him to become discouraged and just give up like many tend to do in this day and age, but he knew something that all others would soon realize.

He practiced hard and shot at least 100-300 free throws everyday just to get his game up to the caliber where no one could deny him and the rest is history.

Success is about knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt where you are heading.

Bill Gates was a Harvard University drop out, but clearly that did not stop this driven individual to set the computer world on fire with his “Windows” operating system.

Many people go to college to gain the knowledge and a degree that will hopefully make them marketable enough to find a job upon graduation.

Gates had enough knowledge to drop out of Harvard early and begin to live out his vision for the company that we all have come to know firsthand.

Quote Success is about knowing when an opportunity is presented that you must take advantage of quickly.

These are just two of the many stories that could be told about the nature of truly understanding how to quote success over your own life.

These guidelines will generate those astonishing results which makes others take notice.

Whatever you say, think, and believe about yourself right now will always be true.

Your actions will continue to generate the real deep seated nature of your success or lack thereof.

As a personal trainer I have witnessed too many individuals to date that claim to be healthy, but if you look at their lifestyles this evidence is anything but accurate regarding their habits.

Quote Success is about knowing when you are indeed on point and focused or full of talk and taking the necessary actions to change that declaration for the better.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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