Where do I begin?

Many of us have heard of the acronym for the term SMART goals.

I am going to present a little more in-depth look into how this tool can insure the results that you are looking for in all areas of your life.

These are the words we will be using to gain understanding concerning this specific topic: Specific, Motivational, Action, Result, and Timely.

The key to fully realizing that you have obtained the desired goals will include a fulfillment of each and every word we are studying today.

You will notice that certain words will come to fruition sooner than others, but you cannot measure your total success until all goals have been achieved.

We will use a weight loss goal as our subject matter concerning our SMART Goal position to help you get a perfect example on the series of events that need to take place in order to insure your success.

Specific – To clearly state what you desire to accomplish in a clear, concise, and written fashion. We all have made declaration in our past that never materialized and we often are not sure exactly what went wrong?

The nature of being matter of fact is normally the biggest piece of the puzzle that is often missing.

A helpful example is when you say you want to lose a little weight. Now technically when you go to the bathroom or sweat you have automatically accomplished this goal, but you soon realize that this is not what you really meant when you made the weight loss declaration.

You must be as specific as possible concerning your goals to insure the best possible chance of bringing that goal into existence.

I want to lose 30 pounds of fat, not just total body weight, get into a size 6 dress, and I want to have a body mass index of 22. These smart goals are very specific and you can find the necessary specialist that can help you dictate these goals in written chartable fashion.

Motivational – A tangible benchmark or example that causes an overwhelming emotional response that can be measured. These items or expressions should cause you to have a lasting effect on the inside of your being to the point of consuming your every thought at times.

A perfect motivational item for this weight loss goal that has been set in motion is a little black dress, size 6 that hangs on the outside of your closet door. This gives you a perfect visual stimulus every time you enter your bedroom.

To raise the emotional response of these goals, purchase a new pair of shoes and a small elegant purse to complete the ensemble.

The final part of this motivation is the setting of a particular destination where you will wear the outfit for the first time, like an opera show or dinner engagement.

Action – A list of tasks that must be complete in order to meet a specific outcome. This word is the most important part of your SMART goals, because these particular tasks are going to be the building blocks for your total success.

You need to sit down with a trainer and set your work out time. Schedule days you plan to work out, and what types of exercises you will be performing.

You need to sit down with a nutritionist and determine what food items you will be consuming and in what portions, and frequency.

You will need to set your proper water intake for each particular day. You need to determine how many hours of sleep you will require for proper rejuvenation.

You must watch your stress level and have the necessary contingency plan ready for implementation to keep you from falling off the wagon so to speak.

Result – Clear documentable evident to support the particular goals that have been set in motion.

You have individuals and charts already in place that will assist you in capturing your results in a written progressive manner.

This results in record keeping and a schedule that will keep you motivated to complete the desired smart goals you have put into play; based on the continued small successes you have witnessed along the way.

Timely – A defined scheduled date and time to have a task or assignment finished and completed successfully.

Timeliness is the last component to your goal of successful weight loss completion. The time allotted to complete the goal must be realistic, yet it must have limited completion dates.

This limited point in your goals insures that you stay on target with all the other caveats that were put into place to define and meet your goal for weight loss.

That “finish” date in the near future will arrive and knowing this helps you to stay engaged and focused while going about the necessary day to day activities concerning your goal for weight loss.

The timely aspect of this exercise has caused many people to fail their SMART goals in the past due to one simple observation.

Without defining a timely end date in our own minds we often convey to ourselves that we have all the time in the world to complete our SMART goals.

In reality that lack of a completion date insures that we really never get started in planning out our goals for the guaranteed evidence of our success.

However, you can rest assured that all of your future smart goals will be met and exceeded now that you have the in-depth look into how this tool can insure the results that you are looking for in all areas of your life.

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