T Shirt Designs

Just when you thought you had seen it all…

T shirt designs are at an all-time high and just when you think you have seen it all there is a new design that begins to sweep the nation.

What makes these shirt designs so appealing to so many people all over the world?

The garment itself dates back to the 19th century, but the 1950’s was the time when T shirt designs really began to take off into the vast selections you find today.

Many companies saw the popularity of the garment and soon realized the wonderful advertising opportunity it afforded them.

No one can deny the comfort that a T shirt provides along with the freedom and ease that comes with adorning yourself with such a garment.

The amazing point is that shirt designs are a real powerful and sought after vehicle for different types of company’s advertisements.

What other means do you know of where you are afforded free mobile advertisement at such a reasonable rate? Most folks never stop to think about their shirt designs and how they are giving many companies an awesome added boost of potential sales.

Many television shows realize the power of shirt designs and go out of their way to block them out when the specific company has not provided the necessary advertisement dollars to allow their products and logos to been seen on that particular show.

Shirt designs have really taken the voice of the individual to another level due to the ability to speak silently about a multitude of issues one may feel strongly about and want to announce to the globe.

This stance and power has really caused an awesome movement on many social topics and issues around the world.

If you want to start a conscientious awareness put your ideals on a shirt. Have you ever wanted to speak to the world, but you did not feel comfortable speaking aloud on a particular subject? Print some shirt designs and let you voice be heard far, loud, and clear.

The empowerment that comes from wear your ideals on a shirt and witnessing people’s reaction to your position is a serious mindboggling tool.

Just pay attention the next time you have the pleasure of watching someone reading your shirt design and you will be forced to respect this power vehicle.

I have many personal stories about the power and change a simple statement on my shirt generated. I have had people follow me in stores to inquire about where they might be able to purchase a shirt based on the statement found on it.

I have been in uncomfortable positions and watched groups of people change their interaction with me based on a statement found on my garment.

T shirt designs are about so much more than what meets the eye. They are simple personal billboards for others to learn about you in a quick glimpse of the eye.

If you take the time to ponder that statement for a moment you will realize what potential they hold for so many different situations.

I have used T shirt designs to change an entire school’s view on my children’s stance on life. I have helped teachers give children the focus and attention they deserved knowing that they were destined to make a difference in the world, based on different T shirt designs.

I have watch my children develop sound quality relationships with their peers based on T shirt designs.

I have turned the tide of a meeting completely around from a potential unproductive complaining session to a meeting with purpose, creative ideas and meaningful input.

I have drawn groups of individuals together in a cohesive fashion based on shirt designs.

T shirt designs can bring others into a better view point of self-awareness and improvement. We have all heard the statement a picture is worth a thousand words.

What this simply means is the presence of that photo/drawing provides a tangible visual representation of something that helps keep that person on the proper path of desire and fulfillment.

I knew of an individual who had very low self-esteem and viewed the world very negatively concerning almost everything. He never had to ability to see the bright side of most things.

He was accustomed to having anything that could go wrong happen to him just by being at the wrong place and the wrong time.

I began to explain the power of positive thinking and the ability we all have to channel what you want to have happen in your world by your thoughts and what you choose to meditated on.

He said I was pretty much full of bologna and that this esoteric word storm was just a waste of his time.

I issued him a challenge to prove my point in a very simple yet affective way. I told him that my intention could override his negative behavior without me having to even be near him in a physical sense.

I gave him several shirts and told him that my payment would be that when someone asked him about the shirt, he was wearing, that he would pay it forward by giving them a card that directed them to the place where they could find one for themselves.

He said that I would not have to worry about that happening because no one dared to approach him based on his unapproachable demeanor.

Never the less he agreed to my request knowing that he had this gentleman’s wager sewn up in his favor. I was speaking to him about a week later and he said he had something he needed to share with me.

He went on to say that he had failed to fulfill his part of the wager because he did not have the card with him when someone approached him seeking where they could purchase the shirt he was wearing.

I told him that all was forgiven since he was man enough to confess that the situation had indeed taken place and that I was correct in my original statement.

The ability to alter his future thinking concerning positive thinking was far more valuable to me in the long run.

Now that you realize the power your designs are having on the public; review and see what messages you are sending out? Are your T shirt designs sending out statements to build you up and empower your life in a positive way?

Are your statements allowing others in your path to be enlightened to be all they can be and so much more?

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Photos courtesy of artist Anthony K. Wilson, Sr.

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