These are just a few of the many wonderful stories and emails we have received.

Testimonials like these are constant reminders of how life changing it can be to give or receive the gift of positive thinking today.

Please continue to send in all your comments. We welcome all stories and words of inspiration and motivation.


A grieving mother needs to find the strength and comfort to keep on living after her daughter passes away suddenly at an early age. She vowed never to leave the house as the grief was too much for her to bear.

When she received her quote book and “Optimism” T shirt that stated with creation on her side there was nothing that she could not accomplish. She began to focus on all the good times she and her daughter had.

She informed me that she wore her T shirt until it fell apart. She thanked me for helping her to see the truth. She was getting out more and felt strong enough to leave the house and start to live again.


A mother of two boys opened the lines of communication with her teenagers by discussing the information found within the quote book. She stated that God knew just what she needed to hear and used my quote book to speak volumes to her life.


A quiet man who used to vacuum our office building, yet always made it a point to speak to me as I worked late. One day I saw him and he looked somewhat troubled.

I thought about it and elected to give him a quote book and T shirt I had in my possession as I was leaving work for the evening.

The T shirt I gave him said, “Creating positive thoughts and energy one life at a time…Now it’s your time to bring your creative vision into existence!”

Tyron came running over to my desk the next evening and he thanked me for the gifts. He shared with me that he had stayed up reading the quote book over and over at least 5 times that previous night.

He asked for some business cards that he could share with other patrons at his local barber shop. He knew that others needed to hear this life changing information for themselves.

He came back often as we talked and fellowshipped about positive thoughts and how to go about achieving more in his life. He informed me about two weeks later that he was tired of working for an inflexible boss.

His boss would not allow him to adjust his hours, so he could attend college in the evenings.

Tyron said he and he wife had talked and that he made up his mind to leave that company. He began to smile as he told me that he was investing in his own franchise to better take care of the dreams he had for his family.

Tyron claimed my gift was the final piece of his puzzle that he needed to get motivated to believe in his abilities to success at his own hand.


A mother takes her two young children to Egypt for 12 days. She found the strength necessary to go across the seas with her boys for a much needed family excursion of edification and self enlightenment.

She purchased enough inspirational and motivational shirts for each of them to wear each day of their entire trip abroad. She was amazed at the amount of friends and followers she and her boys attracted based on their positive shirts.

She found that she was helping folks to realize that all things were possible if they just believed.

She informed me that my shirts not only gave her family the positive strength they needed, but many others were blessed indirectly thanks to my words and designs.


A 60 year old divorced woman decides to get back into dating after a 20 year "fear based" hiatus. She feared that there were no good men in her age group that would be suitable for her.

Karen was certain that there would be major compatibly issues. She finally opened her mind up after reading her quote book and wearing her “Karma” T shirt that stated that whatever you give out is exactly what you will receive back.

She was soon approached by a kind gentleman who was seriously taken with her and they began talking more frequently…


A graduate student who found the perseverance needed to complete her PhD dissertation. She purchased a track suit to keep her motivated to stay the course, while she exercised her body and mind.


A single mother struggling to keep her grown boys out of trouble while dealing with her own reoccurring sickness finds comfort in the quote book’s encouraging words. She vows to make this book her gift to everyone in her family this holiday season.


After receiving his quote book he immediately thinks of his two nieces away at college. He wants to empower them with a constant reminder to stay focused, so he purchases each one a “Discovery” T shirt that speaks to knowing that that have been given gifts and talents for their success!!!


This has to be one of the nicest pessimists you would ever want to meet in your life. He will quickly tell you about how ineffective all that esoteric belief stuff truly is if you give him any soap box to stand on.

I told him that even with his stand of demeanor that the power of positive thinking was greater than his unbelief.

I told him that just by wearing any one of the inspirational shirts he would attract others who would rally around his positive shirt quote.

I shared with him that the motivational quotes were, so powerful that complete strangers would approach him to enquire about getting a shirt of their own.

I told him that if he would be man enough to admit when it happened that all I asked in return was for him to give the strangers a business card, so they could make their own purchases.

He agreed reluctantly and I presented him with his own shirt and quote book.

I saw him about a month later and he had this look on his face that automatically told me what had happened. He explained the entire story of where he was and how it happened and then he shook my hand and stated that I had made a believer out of him.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation


An 8th grade child, who was constantly being expelled from school, visits my website after noticing other students visiting the site.

He knew his classmate did very well in his studies. Andrew figured it might help his situation out and begins to visit the site frequently in his computer lab.

He quickly notices that his studies start to turn around as he begins making excellent grades. He figures it must be due to the content found at my website and goes out of his way to send the email below:

I saw your site and it inspired me to do things I have never done before. When I grow up I want to be just like you and take as good of care of my children as you do yours Thanks

I rewarded Andrew’s email of thanks with a free quote book of his own to support him in his continued journey towards a fully successful life.

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