True Meaning of Success

Can only be defined by yours truly

The true meaning of success can only be defined by the goals, dreams, and aspirations that you are responsible for fulfilling in your life.

These understandings reside in the core of your being and can only be defined by yours truly.

Many waste their time trying to alter their definitions according to societal acceptance.

This is a futile exercise and must be abandoned before too much time and resources are lost.

Just like a beacon of light to a lost ship in the night, your true meaning of success is the reason why you are here in human form.

Everyone has tasks associated with their “meat suit experience”.

Failure to embrace your success will make for a miserable and painful life in many cases.

I like to present it this way, think about how your body reacts when you give it everything, except what it truly needs for proper survival.

If you are not careful, before too long the body is going to get its way or suspend your existence as you know it in the process.

I have studied numbers of people and their painful stories of going against the grain of life.

This same agony is what many are suffering from right now without truly knowing the reason behind their present condition.

Your true meaning for success is attached to everything and everyone you know and care for in your life.

You must begin to take your focus off of the simple existence of self in an insignificant sense and start to see your role in a global important sense.

Just think about it for a moment, someone desired to be here today, but unfortunately crossed over into another form, yet you still remain.

This is not a coincidence my friend, I have often stated there are no accidents in life.

As long as you still breathe there is a true meaning of success that longs to be fulfilled.

I always chuckle to myself when I hear the term “someone is trying to find themselves”.

The proper explanation should be to embrace what you already know about what you need to do in this life.

We as spirit/energy beings having a human experience have nothing that is hidden from us or anything that needs to be taught to us.

I firmly believe that everything we need to know or discover is already resting comfortably within the essence of our being.

We need outside cultivation at best and then the affirmation through support and encouragement while we fulfill the true meaning of success in our lives.

This sounds like a simple request yet it proves to be a tall order that often goes unfilled by most in any type of guardianship be it a parent, guardian or mentor.

I have found that most folks are much more willing and able to assist you in your growth and achievements; when they have lived their lives defining their true success.

There is humility and knowledge that comes from one who swam upstream, against the current of what society deems is successful.

These particular individuals possess a wealth of insight and lessons learned that will aid you in meeting and exceeding your goals.

Another by product that I love is the unexplainable peace and understanding that comes with acknowledging and embracing your true meaning of success.

You will be afforded a glimpse of your big picture involvement as you watch all the details unfold that will assist you in fulfilling your life’s purpose through your true success.

It is truly refreshing to know that you do not have to do it all.

You just merely need to play your part and watch as everything else awesomely falls right into place.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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