What is Motivation

Your created place in this world

What is motivation to you?

I spend a lot of my time, when I am meditating; trying to figure out this very perplexing question?

I have researched the lives of many successful individuals in this world and I was shocked at what they considered motivation.

Many of these folks just wanted to do better than all the other people that they had encountered in their inner circle.

Some were told they would never amount to anything and that was a big motivator.

There were others that were told that they could not fail no matter what they thought their limitations were.

Being motivated is keeping your eyes focused on the real prize for success.

I can remember my loving father saying how many times his belt was going to motivate me to do what he had asked me to do repetitively on many occasions.

I know my wife stated that watching some of her young classmates taking care of babies alone; along with dealing with her parent’s wrath kept her motivated on her studies and not the boys.

I fully realized the certain death I would definitely suffer at the hands of my parents (or so I thought) and that motivation alone kept me and my brother away from drugs totally and completely.

The numerous successes of my parents along with their many sacrifices have always motivated me to want to do better.

I do my best every day to make them proud to call me their son and this motivation is something I don’t take lightly.

What is motivation - being a person of integrity and someone others can look to for inspiration.

My parents chose to do everything in their power to give me and my brother a better life.

It was extremely important that we experienced the life that they never had growing up.

I never wanted them to think that I didn’t appreciate the unconditional love they showed to me through their actions.

I have seen too many other people in my own family who have been given every opportunity to succeed and they chose to fail miserably in spite of all the many sacrifices that were made on their behalf.

This ungrateful attitude is too often the norm in our society and I wanted to make sure I was the polar opposite of this mentality.

What is motivation - doing everything I can to be the man my family and friends think I am.

Motivation is about an action that you must take to get you to where you desire to be in this world.

I often use the quote, “you do not need finishing grace until you get started” and this is so true in so many areas.

Have you ever talked to someone who wanted to know all the ends/outs and unknowns on something before they would take one step to do anything?

Many think this is about them wanting to be totally prepared; but it is truly about them trying to find a loop hole to shut the process down before they even get started.

What is motivation - being a person of true action and not just a bunch of talk?

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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