What is Success

Your definition for self

What is success to you is as difficult a situation to speak on as the age old question of “what do you want to be when you grow up”.

This was difficult to answer as a child.

I find that what is success in your world will have more to do with what you were created to fulfill and be accountable for in your life time.

We all have our own individual charges that we were created to bring to pass.

Only you can make that determination if you have not lived up to your own manifestation for success.

All things being created equal the true answer to what is success for you is as private as the belief systems we all hold dear.

I would like to point out a few observations I have made over the years that might prove helpful to guide you in your own journey of defining what is success.

Everyone’s success will not be to make or generate a million dollars and have a mansion on the beach.

Nor is it everyone’s success to go on to gain higher education and create and build your own business.

Your success might not even entail getting married and raising a family.

I use these examples because you will meet many people who will try to define your success for you by stating many of these same ideas as goals you should strive for in your life.

I would quickly remind them that what is for you is between you and your creator.

Your creative life’s purpose has nothing to do with all the other folks in the world who will, out of the best of intentions, try to help guide you on your way.

A better stance would be to just have them help you stay motivated and hungry to find and fulfill your creative life’s purpose.

Once you know this critical information you can go about finding the people, things, and directions necessary to make everything fall into place without any doubts.

What is success to your should never be compared to someone else’s view of success.

This is one of the biggest problems that cause many to never arrive at that place called success.

Just because someone’s success may involve more responsibilities, money or prestige does not make their success more important or vital than yours.

The entire notion of “keeping up with the Jones” needs to be retired once and for all.

Whenever you find yourself getting star stuck at someone else’s achievements quickly remind yourself that you do not know all the inner workings that come with maintaining that particular life style.

The “grass is greener” concept is an old yet still effective saying that should never be discounted.

You may think that a particular individual’s life is just so great and quickly find out that they would gladly switch places with you in a heartbeat.

I had a friend who labored hard to make his money and he purchased things that many attribute with success: the big house, nice cars, clothes and the whole nine, but he did not possess order and peace in his house.

This disorder should have been the laboring work that he was focusing on all along. You cannot replace chaos with things and purchases.

He and his wife had an argument one day that turned violent and he realized that this was finally the last straw and moved out of the house.

We let him stay with us for a while to allow him some time to heal and figure out what he was going to do next.

He stayed with us for just under 3 weeks and his constant comment was he was amazed at how calm, loving, and peaceful the atmosphere was at our dwelling.

I had communicated to him on numerous occasions how much I valued my home and family and the solitude of the place we called home.

He knew that I did not operate in a crazy volatile environment as I had espoused to him during the many conversations we had on the subject.

I kept wondering why he was so surprised and shocked at how quietly and peacefully my house ran?

I soon figured out that his astonishment came from the hardest lesson that most of us will never truly learn to master.

People, 9 times out of 10, will always view your life according to their own definitions for what they believe to be correct and proper.

This is why human communication is so confusing.

There are times when you “think” that you have stated your position clearly and concisely to another individual, but that is not what comes across.

Folks listen and process from their own short comings what they believe to be correct on your behalf.

My friend figured I was stating one position that really was not truly happening at my house because that is what he had been doing in his own life.

I like to call it the “faking it until your make it” mentality.

How many people do you know of as we speak that are operating in this mentality in their lives?

What is success for you today should be to simply not fall victim to these issues as I have described in this story today.

Your successes, however great or small, are yours and yours alone; to be had, mastered and shared with the world.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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