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Inspiration Newsletter, Issue #006 --2018 Abundance and Appreciation...
December 10, 2018
Your life changing tomorrow starts today...

Positive Inspiration Motivation

Hello Friend,

We are almost at the close of 2018 and I want to leave you with a video that will bless you and start you on your quest for the greatness within.

Abraham Hicks Focusing On Abundance

Don’t worry about the details of how it is going to come to pass.

Ignore the negative thoughts of “what if I don’t get my thing” as the key to meeting this objective is knowing that you know you are going to have whatever it is you are believing for in your life.

Enjoy the journey as the delivery date can be at any time so be encouraged and excited, which are the necessary emotions that make the delivery time that much more accelerated.

Think of it this way; you don’t focus on any of your vital body functions like if your heart will continue to beat 24/7 or if your eyes will blink accordingly, they just do.

This autopilot response is how everything in your life should work.

Simply state it, forget about it and know it is coming your way and watch how amazed you will be at your ability to have all those awesome things and experiences you have been dreaming about in your life.

Thanks again for your continued support.

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Have an awesomely blessed day,

Anthony, Sr.

Positive inspiration is what we all seek on a daily basis. Words are powerful tools and have the ability to affect everyone's life for the better. Empower yourself today for growth, strength and success.=> Positive Inspiration Today

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