Chinese Law of Abundance

You are only one check away from all you could ever dream of and so much more...

This Chinese law of abundance is all about the action you take right now.

I have been hearing about this Chinese law of abundance for some time and figured I would give it a test drive and write about my unbiased finding.

I found a blank check online that I printed for each one of my immediate family members.

I filled out the pay to area: with my “full name”. I addressed the to the order of: with the words “paid in full”.

I addressed it with the date, which was “July, 20 2010”.

I signed it: with the words “Chinese Law of Abundance”.

I then placed it in my wallet along with the rest of my money as though it was a real check that I would soon be taking to the bank to deposit.

The key is this check must be filled out before the next new moon and placed where you keep your money.

The place where you keep your money may be your wallet, purse or mattress for some folks.

You can look up the next new moon cycle with a quick search within any search engine.

These tasks of action are what I like to call the litmus test of what you believe can happen by doing this Chinese law of abundance drill.

The rationale behind this exercise is twofold from what I can see.

The first nature of this exercise is that you are taking some action, which sounds like nothing, but is in fact everything.

I will use this example to prove my point.

There are many who will read this and call me and this whole process many colorful words that should not be repeated on paper.

I say that because they know within their own subconscious mind that they cannot see this act producing anything, but a laugh on their part.

This lack of belief in this unknown principle or action taken means they cannot visualize themselves obtaining this Chinese law of abundance in their life, period so that is the end of their story.

That, “you have got to be kidding me,” mindset alone can only produce after its own kind, which in this case is not a Chinese law of abundance way of having all that you desire in life.

Maybe the skeptics are of the school of thought that only through very hard work and extreme luck or a privileged birth right does anyone have the ability to live an abundant life style?

The second part of the twofold aspect of this Chinese Law of Abundance drill is the great unknown.

The mystical part of life that begins moving once you get your subconscious on board with anything you want to have happen in your life.

Every time you see that check in your wallet/purse it invokes the thought “how is it going to happen”.

The process, the creative unknown that brings everything out of nothing will continue to create that thing you have believed for and before you know it you will have the evidence of that very thing in your life.

We had some property in another state that we desired to sell for years now, but it had been used for storage since we moved away and it needed major cleaning out and some serious work to boot.

With this economy being what it is things just did not look promising.

My wife and children flew in on a Wednesday August 4th, 2010 to try and make heads or tails of the situation.

They began the first phase of cleaning it up and out as much stuff as possible, which was a huge task to take on in their five day visit.

They went through boxes upon boxes of items and came across some beautiful unopened and unused china that belonged to my wife’s mother.

My wife knew they would certainly get damaged if she tried to mail it home due to the delicate design of the china pattern.

They arrived at the house the next morning tired and very sore.

My wife elected to take the china over to the lady next door to see if she would be interested in it.

The china set was too nice not to be cherished and enjoyed by someone.

That random act of kindness started a snow ball effect because that kind lady thought, so much of my wife’s gesture that she called everyone she knew to tell them about what had just happened.

She in turn asked any and everyone if they would be interested in purchasing the house from us.

By Thursday noon that dear lady had called everyone she knew of and many of them where showing up and speaking of their interest in purchasing the property.

A young lady came by Thursday evening, who lives behind the house we owned, and made my family an offer that we could not refuse and the rest was history.

My wife and children were able to enjoy their remaining days in the city by touring and taking in all the sites.

We received our "paid in full check" for the house on Monday August 30th, 2010.

This house was sold within days with no advertising and no physical listing of any kind in place.

This is the largest Chinese law of abundance blessing that we have noticed to date, but we have received additional money, blessings, and favor along the way.

We are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is something to this simple yet effective tool and we look forward to many more awesome wonders.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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