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Create-Sun is more than just a name for our company or a play off the word “creation”.

The meanings found within this name have more depth and levels to them than all the pyramids in Egypt put together.

Once I finish breaking this name down as it applies to your life, you will fully understand why you must create your own sun starting right now.

Create-Sun, positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

The simple nature of the origin “to create” is best described as; the ability to bring something that does not exist, in a measurable sense, into existence.

I call it, thoughts becoming reality.

Before anything that we all know as being real could exist; it had to first be seen as a thought in someone’s mind.

God/Creation/Universe or however you choose to define that creative force of all that exists before us, said “let there be light and there was”.

The key to this marvelous statement is that the Creator had to see or imagine light before it could be manifested, into the natural sense.

I can prove this concept very simply by asking you to think back to the last thing you manifested in your own life.

Think back to how you felt and saw that idea you wanted to have come to pass.

I know for a fact that you saw it clearly in your mind, just like it was already present.

Create-Sun, positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

This process of thought being manifested clearly is why you were able to make it happen in your life.

This same process can work to your detriment if you are not careful.

Think about the last time something terrible happened in your life.

You saw it as though it already existed, so it was of no surprise to see it naturally come to life right before your very eyes.

This is why it is so important to guard the thoughts and surroundings of your mind. As a person thinks, so is she or he.

To say the sun is a powerful force in our lives would be an understatement.

It does more than just merely supply us light for our days.

It is the giver of life for all things on this planet.

Without the sun’s nurturing power, life would cease to exist for too many creatures to name.

Everything from the health of our bodies, to the foods we eat, is made possible thanks to the sun’s life giving force.

Create-Sun is positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

The “SUN” in our name Create-Sun is made up of three separate words that I use to define the true sun’s life giving power as we all know it.

The “S” is for sincere, the ‘U” is for unique, and the “N” is for necessary.

The “Sincere” speaks to the gratitude that you must have in all the things you do in life.

Everything that you do in life has consequences.

I am sincere in all the information I supply within this website.

I know the power that is unleashed when you come into the knowledge that you were created for a purpose.

I was in a convenience store the other day and I overheard a little boy say to his friend that he was short fifty cents on something that he wanted to buy.

He did not mean to make the declaration out loud for me to hear necessarily because he was not asking for help aloud in the store.

He was merely conveying to his friend that the mission that led them into the store was not going to happen without that extra money in hand.

I however, heard the sincere plea in his voice from afar and automatically knew that this was my opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life that day.

Imagine his surprise, when I walked up. I asked them both “Does someone need fifty cents”?

One little boy shook his head yes, and I handed him a dollar. The look on both of their faces was priceless and he said “thank you” and off I went on my way.

That little boy saw that item he wanted in his mind clearly and no sooner than the statement came forth out of his mouth, was he receiving the very thing that he desired.

Create-Sun, positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

Worry not about how the things you desire in your life are going to happen, just do as the little boy did and know that as you see it, so shall it be.

Go out today in an exciting expectation, to have all your visions come to pass.

Be sincere and grateful for all things in your life great and small.

This is the way to abundance and happiness in all aspects of your life.

When you can appreciate the blessings in the small things, the large things will never create a stumbling block of disbelief.

“Unique” is what you are. There is not another one of you anywhere on this planet.

You are so unique that 400 million people desired to be you and could not.

I can prove this to you clearly because 400 million sperm raced the one that created you to the finish line and lost.

So from this day forth, never see yourself as anything less than unique and special.

I like using the power ball lottery analogies, because folks believe that the possibilities of hitting the winning jack pot are almost none existent.

Yet, I am going to prove to you that you have won the biggest power ball lottery.

It is called life.

You hit the big number two times over because the odds of winning the power ball lottery are 195 million to 1.

You came into existence at the 400 million to 1 odd.

There is no way you are just ordinary, you are extraordinarily special.

Create-Sun, positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

The minimum winning amount in the power ball lottery jack pot is $20 million.

When you were created you beat the odds twice over, so you are worth a minimum of $40 million.

Your maximum worth is only limited by the thoughts and actions you take starting today.

It is “Necessary” that your bank account is at a minimum of $40 million dollars or you have not lived up to your life’s purpose yet.

You know firsthand that by having more than enough, you can truly live the life that you were created to live.

There is plenty of everything for everyone.

You were created by the one source of all things in this universe. That source of creation has no shortage associated with it.

If you have ever watched the stories on how the lottery changes some people's lives; you will see the evidence of what increased financial presence has done to empower their lives.

You have gifts and talents within you right now that can do those very same things in your life, starting today.

You are only limited by your own thoughts and it is necessary that you begin to see your life for what it truly is worth beginning today.

Create-Sun is all about you fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Your existence has nothing to do with luck or chance.

You purposed to be here today and it is evident that 400 million other beings could not stop you.

So starting today, make no more excuses for lack or any other short coming.

I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are far from ordinary or common.

You are prosperous, wealthy and blessed beyond anything you have heard anyone else say to you or about you.

Create-Sun, positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

As an artist I always appreciate visual aids that help in conveying an idea or example.

You are the equivalent of one sugar crystal among a fifty pound bag of sugar.

Take one sugar crystal today and put it in your wallet or purse to act as a reminder.

Most granulated sugar is sold in 5 pound bags in the grocery store. The next time you are in a grocery store go over to the sugar aisle.

Take that one sugar crystal you are carrying out of your wallet or purse and look at ten of those 5 pound bags of sugar sitting there.

Imagine the size of the pile if you were to spread those ten bags of sugar out on the floor.

Now look at the one sugar crystal in your hand once again.

This visual should act as a sincere reminder of how unique an awesomely necessary your existence is today.

This sweet example should leave you in awe.

Create-Sun, by speaking life into your surroundings and watch creation unfold all that you were created to accomplish in your existence today.

Create-Sun, positive thoughts for positive people…where words become reality!!!

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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