Healthy Inspirations

What is the big deal anyway?

Healthy inspirations are poignant because many types of inspirations have proven themselves not to be healthy for everyone.

Many folks have over indulgent chronic eating habits and disorders because they were inspired to become thin due to this societal beliefs that this is the way to worldly acceptance and joy.

The world we live in can present numerous inspirations, but you must weigh them carefully to insure that they are healthy in their outcomes.

Some people are so inspired to become married and have children that they just rush into it with the first person that shows an interest, only to end up miserable beyond measure.

All this misery is due to the fact that they really did not take the time to determine if marriage and children were indeed what was good for them and then take the necessary steps to find a companion and relationship that was healthy.

You must analyze every situation careful as it may relate to your needs and desires.

I have witnessed folks who were chronic workaholics that were convinced that their work habits were the best thing for their families to be able to obtain more items of their choice and have a better life.

These reasons truly sound like healthy inspirations for working hard until you look deeper into to background of the family’s dynamic.

This behavior is clearly a form of escapism for many, so they do not have to deal with the larger issues at home that need to be addressed and brought to light.

The pursuit of more stuff never made for a happy family exclusively.

Family is about being able to enjoy each other’s company in the simplest of things. Money in and of itself should not be the driver. Money should not reign above quality of life, time, love and companionship.

Healthy inspirations speak to truly being savvy enough to process and realize that everything that appears good is not necessarily good for you.

One person’s inspiration, while moving as it may be, does not necessarily mean you can follow that person’s lead verbatim.

It is perfectly alright to seek inspirations in many different avenues and forms, but you must then tailor that inspiration to a feasible plan that will work for your life.

I remember the numerous conversations I would have with guys in the gym...about how I could just walk off the street and start with the heaviest weigh I planned to work with on a particular movement without doing multiple warm ups initially.

My reply was always designed to inspire them, but more so to clarify that what I was able to do should not be followed by others as their body’s tolerance and design is totally different than mine.

If they failed to use the proper judgment necessary, knowing their own bodies, and not mine they might have ended up causing a permanent injury or worse.

Healthy inspirations are not just about the health of your body either.

You must make sure you find healthy inspirations in all aspects of your life from occupations, social interests, friends, and extracurricular activities just to name a few things.

We all need to make sure we do a constant check within our own lives to insure that everything we are taking part in will render the results we are seeking.

When you have an entire life surrounded by inspirations of health you are doing everything necessary to walk in that desired direction that will produce all those things you have truly dreamed of for yourself.

I have been affiliated with many awesome groups and organizations that were truly doing some seriously positive things in our communities at large.

Many of these same groups are constantly asking me to mentor more children to help them gain the best chance for their own individual successes.

I have to remind them that I must limit the amount of mentoring situations to assure that I am not neglecting my own children at home who are my first priority.

I know many of us have witnessed those people who were able to go out and save and solve the world’s problems, only to watch the world they elected to build at home fall by the waste side.

These Superman type, hero complex individuals are perceived as healthy inspirations by many, but in fact are nothing more than hypocrites working at the highest level.

How in the heck can you truly help another in a situation that you are unwilling to solve in your own life through direct neglect or denial?

I remember my brother describing one prominent guy he knew personally as an awesome leader hands down, but a downright terrible father to his child.

This statement always sat with me as a true travesty of events that this gifted leader of many could not do for his one and only child like he was doing for a multitude in his profession.

I live by the “I’m from Missouri, the show me state “code, so save your talking and show me through your actions.

I love this saying as it will take all the guess work out of the equation and increase the likelihood for success.

Healthy inspirations must be about looking at all aspects of anything and not just a specific point in time.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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