Doing what is right even if nobody sees it!

Integrity - Being a good person is not about doing the right thing because someone else is watching you, it is about always doing the right thing because YOU are watching.

You must have that litmus test within your own soul that governs your ability to operate at a level that cannot be altered by the simple thrill of any unethical enticement.

Sometimes it is very easy to do the right thing. If you believe you will get some kind of credit or reward, for example, doing what is right comes quite easily.

It is also not very difficult to do what is right if you are afraid that there may be negative consequences to doing something wrong.

Integrity is different. When you have a good sense of integrity, and allow it to be the leading force in your daily life, you will do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.

Instead of fearing the consequences of doing wrong, your own conscience will dictate that stronger drive of how much better the right thing feels to your spirit.

You will not need rewards or praises, because how you feel about yourself is a wonderful reward in itself.

It should be easy to see how important integrity is in your life. It is also strongly related to how you get along with other people.

When you are known to others as a person of good character who can always be trusted to do the right thing, your integrity will help other people respect you.

It will enrich your relationships with the people who are in your life, and lead you to have a good reputation even amongst those who do not know you well.

When you live your life with integrity, you will also be a positive example, especially for younger people.

They will know that you can be counted on to do the right thing, and they will want to be the same way. Children can learn how to be trustworthy by observing your behavior.

A strong sense of integrity will benefit you, also. When you let your conscience guide you to do the right thing in all situations, you will feel good about yourself.

Even more important, you will have earned the pride that you feel.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to do the right thing, if you really think about it there are many such opportunities in your life every day.

When your conscience is more important than fear or rewards, your integrity will be one of the best parts of your life.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Integrity

What you meditate on...You will attract...

This is one of the most awesome great mysteries of life and what you are focusing on will be brought into existence, so think thoughts of goodness in all that you do.

This visual reigning in of your thoughts is the key to gaining total control over the direction of your life.

You may be wondering why it seems that some people have bad luck and others have good luck. You may have noticed many instances where bad luck or good luck seems to be quite consistent.

If you look behind the scenes, you may see that it actually has little to do with luck, and much to do with attitude.

Throughout the day, you think, ponder, and meditate. Everyone does these things, every day of their lives.

You may be surprised to hear about how much power there is in your thoughts and meditations.

Whether you spend a large amount of time focusing on one subject, or ponder a number of subjects throughout the day, it is the attitude with which you meet it all that will determine what you will attract.

If you keep a positive frame of mind, you will attract that which is positive.

When you begin to develop the habit of a positive frame of mind, you will see that it is not difficult at all. For example, if you have a problem in your life, you can focus your mind on solutions, and how good the solutions will make you feel.

If there is a person you do not get along with, you can meditate on how to better your communications with him or her.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to attract good results in every situation.

On the other hand, negativity attracts negativity. You may know someone who is always in a foul mood, or always complaining, or always looking for the worst in every situation.

This person's negativity and unhappiness tends to attract more negativity and unhappiness to him. He has not yet learned how to be positive, so he does not yet attract the positive to himself.

While life is rarely perfect, you can easily make it more positive on an everyday basis. Instead of dwelling on mistakes or worries, you can hold a pleasant attitude.

The more positive you are, the more positive you will attract. You will soon see that when you expect the best from life, life will give its best to you.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Integrity

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