Irish Blessings

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Are you Irish? If so, you probably know that there are many Irish blessings you can say, write down and read throughout your day.

Many blessings make us feel hope for our lives. We know that we are blessed and will continue to be when we read and re-read blessings.

By reading the Irish blessings multiple times we will begin to live the way the blessing describes and the way it means for us to live. We can change our attitude and way of life simply by adding blessings to our life.

Friends are a blessing in so many ways. Where would we be without our friends? We all need the kindness of others, compassion, acceptance and love. Without this the human spirit dies.

Send your friends blessings to remind them how important they are to you. Your friends will smile and feel the love you are sending their way.

The blessings can only bring the two of you closer together. You will feel a kindred spirit type of feeling and the two of you will be able to open up to just about anything.

Some things in the past you may have kept a secret from your friend or friends, but since you feel closer and you can trust your friend or friends; you decide to share these secrets.

You will feel the secret that may have hurt you begin to lift the heavy weight off of your shoulders by sharing it with another person that loves you.

Many blessings wish you the luck of the Irish. Repeat these blessings and your life will no longer simply rely on luck, but instead change to a positive way of living that is more fulfilling to you.

Irish blessings share happiness and spread happiness when you and others read them. Wear one of our jackets with an Irish type of blessing on it. Give the gift of a jacket with an Irish blessing on it today.

If you exchange smaller gifts with others you can give the gift of an inspirational journal or inspirational coffee mug. The more others read Irish inspired blessings, the better they will feel, too. You will be sharing your secret to happiness and a better life.

Start your child’s life out with Irish filled blessings. Read the blessings to them before bedtime. Your child will sleep soundly with happy thoughts running through their mind right before drifting off.

Your child will also know how much you love him or her with the quality time spent together right before dozing off to slumber land.

Go to a nursing home and read Irish inspired blessings to the sick and shut in. Many of them will probably remember some of these blessings from days gone by. They will share stories with you on things they remember from their life outside of the nursing home.

You will get just as much love and fulfillment from reading to the elderly as they do from you taking time out of your busy schedule to stop in and care about them.

Remember blessings are all about sharing your love with those in your life that truly matter.

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