Spiritual Blessings

Gifts from on high

Spiritual blessings can do powerful things.

The blessings of the spirit uphold your heart such as when you love someone very deeply.

You should evoke these blessings towards your parents, your spouse or significant other as well as your children.

You should also show spiritual blessings towards your best friend(s) and other family members.

You are one of the fortunate ones when you have such love for others. Remind yourself how gifted you are when you read your blessings each day.

Share your blessings with other people throughout your day. Many people will appreciate your thoughtfulness through the blessings shown.

Your generosity may touch other’s lives in a way you never imagined.

When you use blessings of the spirit you will become free of worries of the world. You have to admit that you definitely find a life free from worry much more appealing?

Think of all of the time you waste worrying about the past. Worrying and stressing out about “things” is not good for your health or well-being.

You feel emotionally drained and fatigued when you constantly worry about things you do not have the power to change.

Just give some spiritual blessings a try and improve your mental health as well as your physical health.

Has someone hurt you so deeply you can barely comprehend it? Maybe your spouse came home one day and asked you for a divorce out of the blue.

What makes this even worse is that you did not have any clue it was coming and it struck you like a tragic blow.

Maybe someone was cruel to your child and you are hurting for them.

You can speak to your child and show him or her how much he/she means to you through the use of spiritual blessings.

If you are depressed you can snap out of it with the use of some blessings of the spirit.

Even if you are bed ridden, make sure you have a book of blessings right on your nightstand to keep yourself focused on the positive.

Always keep your book of blessings on this nightstand in case of emergencies.

Pick up the book while you are lying in bed and read a few of the blessings of the spirit. It will keep your positive tank full. Read as many blessings as you can.

Repeat them until you know them by heart. These blessings can help you to feel better, then get up and live your life more productively.

If you are prone to depression, keep spiritual empowering blessings with you and read them every day.

You can certainly prevent another episode of depression when you have plenty of spiritual blessings at the ready.

Do you feel like you have sinned and you will not be forgiven for your sin? Read spiritual uplifting blessings to help you get through this time as well.

Know that the Creator will forgive you if you repent and ask for forgiveness. To prevent committing further sins, read these blessings daily.

You may want to share a blessing of the spirit when you pray before you eat dinner.

Your spouse, significant other and children will also benefit from doing this practice as well.

You will have a fuller life when you live through the attitude of gratitude that only blessing from the spirit can provide.

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Blessings: Irish - Marriage - Wedding

Irish Blessings
Are you Irish? If so, you probably know that there are many Irish blessings you can say, write down and read throughout your day. Many blessings make us feel hope for our lives. We know that we are blessed and will continue to be when we read and re-read blessings.

Marriage Blessing
A marriage blessing is about starting out in the right frame of mind. Unfortunately these days divorce is at a high rate. People marry too quickly and many people do not try to work out their differences as well as they should.

Wedding Blessings
When most people think of wedding blessings they always seem to focus on the first year aspect of the nuptials.

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