Marriage Blessing

You have to purpose each and every day

A marriage blessing is about starting out in the right frame of mind.

Unfortunately these days divorce is at a high rate. People marry too quickly and many people do not try to work out their differences as well as they should.

Many just give up thinking divorce will be easier than trying to stick it out and work on their marriage.

Marriage is a blessing. Think of the days before your wedding. You and your spouse were very excited.

The two of you were completely unequivocally in love with each other.

It never crosses either of your minds that one day the both of you may be fighting and saying horrific things to each other.

There was no way that this could happen to the two of you with how you both felt about each other.

You considered yourselves two be two of the most fortunate and blessed people to have found one other.

If you have not reached the point of hurting each other and contemplating a divorce, this is fantastic.

If not, you can help yourselves with inspirational quotes regarding your marriage being a blessing.

Think of what it means to be married to another person. You put the other person before your own needs.

The two of you may choose to start a family. Family and love is what life is all about and it starts with the beginning of your marriage.

You can hang a marriage blessing poem and/or quote up in your home. These inspirational marriage blessings will remind you daily of the love the two of you share.

A marriage blessing is about realizing the everyday you must work to have an awesome relationship.

Your marriage is very important. Your marriage not only affects the two of you, but your entire family.

Your marriage has a very important impact, especially on your immediate family. Your parents and siblings have come to love your spouse and think of him or her as part of the family.

If the two of you break up and end up in divorce, your family grieves as you do.

Your family will no longer see the “daughter”, “son”, “sister” or “brother” they welcomed into the family with open loving arms.

This break up or divorce will leave everyone in your family hurting. If children are involved that makes matters even worse.

Your children go through life suffering and stressed out due to their parents splitting up. Your children will wonder if they were at fault and caused your divorce.

If only they had been better behaved or would have been a better child this may not have happened.

You can tell your child or children this is not true, but children still wonder.

A marriage blessing is about working through the rough patches.

Seek marriage counseling if you are beginning to see problems in your marriage.

Seek marriage counseling even if the two of you are no longer talking. You may be able to work things out.

Even if things still end up in divorce at least the two of you will know that you gave it your all.

Knowing that you tried will make you feel better than simply giving up on your marriage.

You must be willing to give your marriage your all as you promised when you first wed.

It is never too late to make things better and get back to the reason why you feel in love and got married.

If anything is worth every option you can come up with it has to be your marriage.

Life can cause you to get wrapped up in all the things that have the ability to cause you to drift apart.

Make your marriage and spouse your top priority and you will insure a successful life filled with love and joy.

Communication is the key to keeping the lines of discussion open in your marriage. If you keep talking you can make your way through anything.

It is always easier to work it out before it becomes a real big problem.

Don’t hold in your feelings and concerns without discussion them with your spouse because they will do more harm than good when they finally surface.

Start your marriage off right with marriage blessings for the two of you to view throughout your day.

You may even want to write poetry or little notes to each other on how blessed you feel to be with your spouse.

A marriage blessing is about longevity.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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