Self Respect

You have only what you believe you are worth

Self Respect - Only you can set your expectations or limitations in life, so make sure you reach for the very best in everything that you do because you are worth it and so much more!

You have been given an ability to see yourself as the limitless wonder that you are.

Self-respect is a powerful word, but its true meaning is often misunderstood.

If you have not put much thought into it, you may not realize how powerful it is, and the impact it can have on your life.

The degree of self-respect which you have determines how far you will go in life, how much you will do and have, and how much you will accomplish.

Your self-respect is the one fundamental aspect of your character which helps you to believe in yourself.

Your self-respect lets you know that you deserve the very best in life, and that you can meet and exceed your own expectations.

If you do not understand the connection, it really is quite simple. When you respect yourself, you are telling yourself that you are a person of value.

You are saying that your life has value. When you give yourself these messages on a consistent, ongoing basis, you are opening up a world of possibilities.

Not only will you find that you can reach your highest potential, but that you have more potential than you were even aware of before.

You will know that trying is the first step to success.

The most important secret about self-respect is that it is not a secret at all.

All you really need to know is that when you think well of yourself you will see how easy it is to respect yourself as a human being with a net worth and value.

There is simply no better way to approach yourself as knowing your worth and value in your life and in the world.

One wonderful result of this is that your self-respect will be evident to others. All of the people in your life will see you as a person of good, strong character.

Another result will come in the way you meet the challenges and the opportunities in front of you.

Your self-respect will lead you to do the right thing, to seek positive solutions, and to always hold yourself in high regard.

You will know that you have good reason to be proud of yourself, because the power of self-respect has shown you that you do indeed deserve the very best.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Self Respect

Treasure hunt, look within.

When you first look at this quote, it may sound a little strange.

If you have not thought much about the concept of self respect, there are two very important points to keep in mind, and this quote sums up both points equally well.

This is good, because both are equally important to you.

Your self respect truly is a treasure. It is a wonderful thing that belongs only to you.

When you have a healthy degree of self respect, it is one of the most important characteristics that you can possibly have.

Healthy self respect encompasses so many different factors.

These include a modest sense of pride in the individual person you are; the knowledge that you are your best possible self, yet always striving to better yourself; and the sense of integrity from which you live your daily life.

Without being boastful or vain, your self respect affects the way you feel about yourself, the way you treat other people, and the way you live your life.

This treasure is surely the best possible foundation for living and growing. The more you respect yourself, the better your life will be.

Self respect is one of the most essential factors in developing the kind of life which you dream of living, and accomplishing the goals that mean the most to you.

The second part is equally important. Some people make the mistake of trying to gain self respect from outside sources.

They may base how they feel about themselves on their physical appearance, how much money or possessions they own, accomplishments they have made, or what other people think of them.

The problem with this is that it is impossible to develop self respect this way. True self respect must come from within the person himself.

How can you learn to respect yourself? You can begin by acknowledging yourself as a person of worth.

You have value to yourself, to other people, and to the world in which you live, simply by being who you are.

If you think about it, there is no one exactly like you in the entire world.

You have special talents and abilities which will help you to make a special, positive contribution.

Your personality is one hundred percent unique. Everyone who knows you knows this, and you can know it, also.

When you know that you have a place in this world, it will make carving your own special place in the world that much easier.

It will make finding your talents and choosing your goals an enjoyable process.

Your problems and setbacks will not be as difficult to deal with, because you will know that you are on the right track.

Your life will be a wonderful adventure, just as it was meant to be.

When you hold yourself in high regard, the respect you have for yourself can help you to overcome obstacles and proceed in the right direction.

All you need to do is keep in mind that your self respect is an inside job-- no one can provide it for you, but you can develop it for yourself.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Self Respect

Integrity, Couth, and Class cannot be purchased

You may have heard the old saying that money cannot buy happiness. While this is certainly true, there are other, equally important things that money cannot buy.

Even if you were the richest person in the world, you would soon learn that integrity, couth, and class cannot be purchased.

They are wonderful aspects of self respect which you must earn through your own behavior, attitude, and outlook.

When you have healthy self respect, you know that whatever you do reflects on you yourself. You also know that it affects the other people in your life.

You want to present yourself in a manner to show that you respect not only yourself, but others as well.

Integrity, couth, and class mean taking into account that your behavior matters.

The way you conduct yourself in your everyday life, and the way you treat other people clearly show whether you have self respect.

Instead of thinking about what you can get away with, you think about doing what is right. Instead of putting yourself first, you take the needs and feelings of other people into consideration.

You do your best to make sure that good manners are always a part of your interactions with others.

Instead of thinking that these things mean weakness or compliance, you know that they are characteristics of a very strong person.

They are also characteristics which other people will admire in you.

The person who has, and consistently displays, these characteristics is the person who will always come out a winner.

First, when you know that you are always doing your best to put your best foot forward, you will see yourself as a very positive person.

This is one of the most important foundations to achieving happiness and success.

In addition, the person who gains the good things in life through a proper attitude and behavior is the person who will enjoy his success the most.

Second, these characteristics will show you in a positive and honest light to other people.

Whether you are interacting with your school friends, family members, employers, or people whom you do not know very well, your integrity, couth, and class will be noticeable to everyone.

You will enjoy a good reputation and better communication with all of the people you meet.

The best thing about self respect is you will know that you, yourself, have earned it. It is something which money simply cannot buy.

All you need to do to begin is to ponder for a few moments on those words. Think of how much more enriched and satisfying your life can be when they are consistent parts of your everyday life.

Instead of trying to gain something by doing things that you know are wrong, or hoping no one will notice the difference, you will have earned your self respect and the respect of others every step of the way.

It will not take long to see the improvements in your life when you develop the habit of making these characteristics a part of everything that you say and do.

Positive Inspiration ~ Positive Motivation

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Positive Inspiration - Self Respect

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