The picture within the masterpiece of self-fulfillment...

Vision - History books are filled with people who had dreams. You are probably familiar with some of them.

You might not realize, however, how important a goal is to you.

When you know how important a clear site is, you will surely want to create it for yourself.

When you have a dream of whatever you wish to do or accomplish, it is quite likely that you think about it often.

You may ponder your dreams and goals, acknowledging just how meaningful they are to you.

When you have set your sights on a star, it can often occupy your thoughts and even your emotions.

In turn, this can lead to the blossoming of new ideas.

Your desire is a seed from which many other ideas can bloom.

You may start with one small idea, and it will help you to cultivate many more.

Second, when you have a vision, it will motivate you.

People who do not have insight sometimes do not know where they are going in life, where they want to go, or where to begin.

Your thoughts can be a driving force to the right path, and a help every step of the way.

Laziness and apathy are not characteristics of the person who has a goal-- motivation and the desire to succeed are!

A third bonus of having a desire is you will be much happier than the person who has none.

Your insight will keep you in the frame of mind that your life is truly meaningful, and that it has a purpose.

The young man or young woman who has purpose in life is the person who is happiest and the most content.

When you acknowledge your dream as being the picture within the masterpiece of self-fulfillment, you have already learned more than most people of any age.

Although it is never too late to create a direction, the younger you are the better it will be.

You have your whole life ahead of you to turn your insight into the life of your dreams. It is never too soon to begin.

What should you do if you do not yet have a vision?

You need not worry, because it often takes time to decide what is important to you, and what your purpose should be.

The time that you put into thinking about your future, pondering what you want it to be like, and what kind of contributions you are best suited to make, will be time well spent.

Most people do not create their dreams overnight.

When it becomes apparent what you are destined to do in life, you will have the start of your desire.

Place it foremost in your mind, where your thoughts and emotions can always sense its presence.

It is the picture from which you will build the masterpiece of your self-fulfillment.

Your desire is the little seed from which a world of opportunities and achievements will grow.

Your vision will help you to have the life of your dreams.

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