Wedding Blessings

Will get you down the long road to happiness

When most people think of wedding blessings they always seem to focus on the first year aspect of the nuptials.

While this beginning of the road is very important and can speak volumes to the success of the marriage; it is often the future years down the road when life is just happening that can be the real deal breakers if the couple is not careful.

During the first years we will call them the “newness and excitement times” where the couple is still just beaming and they have not settled into the long haul aspect of their marriage just yet.

We will categorize the “life is just happening” portion of this discussion as the occupations, kids, and other family members part of a marriage.

These key parts of all marriages can really put a strain and test any couple to the brink of breakage if they are not ready and prepared for all the unknowns that can lie ahead.

Wedding blessings are defined as any words, encouragements, examples, acts of kindness, and guides that can be bestowed upon any couple.

They help them continue positively on their journey of two people sharing their lives as one.

These blessings are poignant and necessary not just at the beginning of a marriage, but more so when the couple is in the thick of the “life just happening“ stage of their marriage.

These times become difficult because the couple is in the business of running a household, raising kids, and juggling careers in many cases not to mention all the additional duties that come along with all these various tasks.

The blissful couple can soon wake up one morning and realize that they forgot to make their relationship a priority while running the various businesses of home and life.

These many tasks of life, if not fully discussed and tag teamed properly, can create a wedge or a division within the marriage that can doom it before the couple realizes what has happened.

The solution is simple and can be found in the courtship period of their relationship.

If the couple can appropriate important spouse building time like they did when they first started dating this can keep the spark alive and flowing.

Date night, just to name one event, is even more important after the “I do” aspect of the nuptials.

Each member of the marriage must work equally hard to keep their spouse as they did to land their spouse.

The extra nice things they use to do when they were courting one another are just as important now that they have stood before family and friends and professed their love and commitment to one another.

The nature of getting lackadaisical now that the couple is married is the plague that will ravage many a marriage if they do not take heed.

These blessings are about knowing how hard the road ahead can be and giving the couple all the ammunition necessary to fight off the challenges that will present themselves as a defense against their marriage.

The trick is to never allow the couple to forget that they are on the same side and on the same team, trying to win at this big game called marriage.

The couple must constantly remind themselves of this before they lose sight and let their minds get away from them in a negative tail spin.

All those little things that help to make their spouse’s day brighter, easier or just to provide laughs all constitute as wedding blessings because they must choose every day to stay married.

I have listened to far too many people bad mouth and do everything, but bless their marriages.

If you are not doing everything in your part to insure that your marriage is a successful one then how can you really expect a positive outcome to come about?

The wedding blessings are about putting in the necessary time, energy, and patience to get the results of why you said “I do” in the first place.

If there was an easy way to go about it everyone who got married would stay married and never divorce.

What separates the successes from the failures you say…?

Simply put my friend, the wedding blessings are what will keep any couple on track for success and nothing less.

These blessings are the high octane fuel required to keep the sports car love and excitement running high in the couple’s marriage and life.

If they make these blessings an everyday part of their marriage they will definitely emerge on the longevity side of a happy and truly exciting marriage.

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