Time & Attention are gifts that will always remain in style...

Parenting - One of the most serious mistakes we can make is to not realize that the word "parent" must also be used as a verb. It not only means what you are-- it also means what you do.

As soon as you acknowledge that it is an active verb, you will have the most important knowledge to be a great one.

The time and attention which you give to your children are gifts that will always remain in style. Even more important, they are gifts which will benefit your children throughout their entire lives.

The saddest child is the one whose folks do not give him these gifts. In contrast, the one who gives these gifts to their children on a regular basis will see the rewards.

Good rearing means having a better relationship with your children.

It also means that the children will have a more secure, stable home life, when he knows that his mother or father cares about him. This is true regardless of your child's age.

The child who receives his mothers or fathers time and attention understands early in life that he is a very special person. He knows that he is worthwhile.

This amazing sense of value in oneself is a wonderful foundation on which to build his life.

When he sees himself as worthy of his folk's time and attention, he is likely to extend the same consideration, caring, and concern to the other people in his world.

This is a child who will have better relationships with his friends, authority figures, and his own family when he grows up.

A child cannot be shorted on his folk's time and attention if he is to be happy and healthy.

This means making sure that your child has plenty of your time every day. He also needs your undivided attention in order to understand how worthwhile he is to you.

In today’s busy world, many moms and dads do not have much time away from their jobs and other responsibilities.

When you invest your time into making being a parent a verb, you will be doing the best thing that you could possibly do for your child.

Whether he is a toddler or a teen, mom's or dad's time and attention is what he needs more than anything else in the world.

You can look at raising a child as building-blocks for a healthy, happy adult life.

Each building-block represents something which he truly needs in order to become responsible, contented, fulfilled, and successful.

All of the material goods in the world cannot replace the one thing he needs from you the most: a mom and dad who are a consistent, active part of his life.

When you grasp the concept of the word "parent" as a verb, you will be giving your child a gift which cannot be replaced by anything else.

The time and attention which you give to your child can be seen as an investment-- an investment for his healthy, happy, successful future.

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Successful Parent Keys: Legacy - Manner - Reading - Recipe - Simple Math

Successful Parent
There are many things that come to mind when you think of rearing and raising a child to adulthood.

Legacy it is truly a family thing. I will not bring shame to all the people before me who sacrificed so I could succeed in life. I like to call this "taking the ball and running with it" to the finish line.

Manners are very important in life. You have probably been told this ever since you were a small child. Your parents and other adults may have frequently reminded you to show good etiquette on special occasions and in your everyday world.

Reading is fun. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a free evening or a weekend at home. It is also one of the most important forms of education. There is no better way to learn than from an informative book. While everyone would agree with these statements, there is yet another factor of this which you may not have considered.

Parenting Recipe
This parenting recipe is sure to be a hit with the children and it makes more than enough to be shared with others! You want him to be happy and fulfilled, and experience many opportunities in life.

Simple Math
Do you know what happens when you number the letters of the alphabet? Perhaps you did this to make a secret code when you were younger. If you do it again, now, you will be surprised at how much you learn. It will even give you an entirely new way to look at life.

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